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Is your alarm system old, not working, or not compatible?

Time for an UPGRADE!

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DFW Security has 2 options when it comes to a security system upgrade.

2 Gig

2 Gig

DSC 1616

DSC 1616

If you currently have an alarm system in your home that you would like to upgrade, DFW Security’s trained technicians can professionally install either the 2 Gig Wireless Security System with Smart Home Automation, or the DSC 1616 Security System. With either alarm system, you can be sure DFW Security has the best price for installation and alarm monitoring in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

2 Gig Security System with Smart Home Automation

The 2 Gig alarm is a state-of-the-art alarm system featuring an easy-to-use touch screen, a smart phone app, 2 way voice, and a built-in wireless communicator for wireless alarm monitoring without a home phone line. You can also add remote operation of lights, locks, thermostat, cameras and more from your iphone, ipad, android, blackberry or internet connected computer. The 2 Gig is an excellent choice for the ultimate security system upgrade. DFW Security’s 2 Gig security system upgrade package includes a master control panel with integrated keypad, siren, and backup battery.

DSC 1616 Security System

The DSC 1616 is a reliable, attractive, and easy-to-use alarm system. DFW Security’s standard security system upgrade package includes a master control unit, 1 keypad, and a backup battery. DFW Security’s trained installers will assess your current security system and incorporate any working compatible components into the new system, such as door sensors, motion detectors, siren, etc. An Uplink wireless communicator can be added to the DSC 1616 for wireless alarm monitoring, and a smart phone app for for remote operation of your alarm system from your cell phone or computer is also available with the Uplink.

With a DSC security system upgrade, you can choose to keep our low alarm monitoring rate of $12.95 a month with a landline, or $16.95 a month for wireless alarm monitoring, and pay for your security system upgrade up front, or you can roll the cost of the new alarm system into your monthly rate, and still pay significantly less per month than with other alarm companies in the DFW Metroplex. Click here for an exact upgrade quote.

Not sure which security system upgrade is right for you? Our home security experts can help you determine the perfect fit. Schedule a free in-home evaluation today.

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DFW Security
DFW SecurityJuly 24, 2014 10:28 pm
Received this email from a new customer. Great job Stephanie!

I just wanted to say Thank You
for being there to assist me with setting up
my alarm system. Also to inform you about my
experience with your employee Stephanie.

This lady is amazing. She made me feel
like there was no one else but me.
She dedicated her time to ensure all
my questions were answered and provided
various options.

Very friendly and provided all the
necessary information for me to
finalize my decision. I got what
I was looking for with no headaches.
All my documents were signed

You have yourself a very new-satisfied
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DFW Security
DFW SecurityJuly 24, 2014 3:38 am
Did you know? DFW Security protects businesses too!
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DFW Security
DFW SecurityJuly 23, 2014 8:34 pm
Hi Patsy! Welcome to DFW Security!
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DFW Security
DFW SecurityJuly 23, 2014 7:07 pm
Are you paying too much for alarm monitoring?
This guy's not...
$12.95 a month baby!
3 1   View on Facebook
DFW Security
DFW SecurityJuly 21, 2014 11:29 pm
Look closely!!!!
As you've probably noticed, we like to take pictures of our customers in front of their houses. This customer wanted us to take one with his pet instead.
Do you see it???
6 6   View on Facebook