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What is Smart Security?

What is Smart Security?   The term “smart” has only been used in the last few years as it relates to home security and home automation. The reason?  Easy! It didn’t exist before then! Only the very wealthy could afford home automation systems, and mobile technology wasn’t available for the mainstream. Now that most everyone… Read More


If Home Automation Was A Sandwich…

If Home Automation Was A Sandwich… If home automation was a sandwich, what kind would it be? What part would be the meat? The bread? The cheese? As I daydream here today, this is how I envision home automation if it were a sandwich. On a side note, I do realize quite a few of… Read More


No Black Friday Specials Here – Just Great Prices Throughout The Year

Get A Great Deal All Year Long – Not Just on Black Friday. Would you prefer something cost $100 most of the year and $50 on Black Friday, or just $50 any day of the year? At DFW Security, our alarm monitoring, security and home automation systems are value-priced every day. While others charge an… Read More


Easier Alarm System Installation Frisco TX

Easier Alarm System Installation in Frisco TX While it may seem like a simple task, security system installation in Frisco TX (or anywhere) can often be complicated and frustrating. To avoid multiple trips to Home Depot, skip repeated calls to a Support line, and save hours spent watching You Tube videos, read this. Or better yet – leave… Read More


Video Monitoring Fort Worth TX: Make Selling Your Home Easier

Make Selling Your Home Easier With Video Monitoring In Fort Worth TX. If you’ve ever put your home on the market to sell, you know it can be very nerve-wracking, especially if you have children (or a messy spouse). Always keeping your home in tip-top shape, constantly leaving so countless buyers and realtors can traipse… Read More


Video Monitoring Fort Worth TX

Affordable Video Monitoring for Fort Worth TX. Think cameras are just for rich people? Think again. DFW Security has indoor and outdoor cameras to fit any budget, as part of our smart home automation solution. View your home from your smart phone, tablet or PC no matter where you are. You can manage your home… Read More


Home Security Plano TX

Home Security in Plano TX: Not Just For Your Protection. Alarm systems are still the number one way to protect your home and family from burglary, fire and medical emergencies. They earn you a discount on  your homeowner’s insurance, and can be monitored 24 hours a day for as little as $12.95 per month with… Read More


Dallas Security Systems: Keep Your Teenager From Sneaking Out!

We all want to trust our teenagers, but as they explore their independence, they are bound to test the limits. Keep them safe with Dallas security systems and Smart Home Automation from DFW Security. With Smart Home Automation you can: Know what time your kids arrive home, and what time they leave. Hear when a… Read More


Home Monitoring

Home Monitoring: Not Just For Security Anymore Alarm monitoring used to be just for protecting your home from burglary, but now it accomplishes much more. With DFW Security, home monitoring now means convenience and control with Smart Home Automation. It means knowing what time your kids came home from school, when the housekeeper arrived and… Read More


Video Monitoring

Video Monitoring Made Easy The term “video monitoring” can have several meanings. With DFW Security, it means convenience and peace of mind with cameras, monitoring, recording and integration to protect homes and families in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.   Following is a description of the video monitoring services provided by DFW Security with our… Read More

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