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DSC 1550


Identifying the DSC 1550

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If your alarm keypad looks like this picture, you probably have a DSC 1550. Look carefully though, it appears very similar to the DSC 1555. To be sure your security system is truly a DSC 1550, go to the master control panel, usually in a closet. Inside the metal door, a sticker will have the model number of your alarm. If you cannot locate the control panel or sticker, count the number of lights down the right hand side of the keypad. If there are six zone lights, the system is a DSC 1550. If there are 8 lights (even if the last two aren’t labeled), it is the slightly newer DSC 1555.

A Little Bit About the DSC 1550

The DSC 1550, also known as the PC1550, was manufactured by Digital Security Control and has been discontinued. It is a traditional alarm system that can only be monitored by landline, and has none of the advanced features available with Smart Security today. Thousands of these alarm systems were installed in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in the 1990’s and many are still being monitored. Because replacement parts are difficult to find, many people don’t have landlines anymore, and because they are less secure than newer alarm systems, DFW Security has decided to stop offering alarm monitoring for the DSC 1550.

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A Smart Security System offers the best protection on the market for your home and family. Wireless monitoring means there is no phone line for intruders to cut, and you don’t have to pay for a landline. Our award-winning mobile app allows for remote control, push notifications and text alerts, location-based reminders and more. Additional features include the ability to add home automation of locks, thermostat, cameras, lights, garage doors, appliances and more.
If you would like to upgrade your existing DSC 1550, we have an affordable solution. Call today to speak with one of our friendly experts and let us make your life simple, safe and smart..


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