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How Do I Change The Code on My Alarm System?

Change Codes Online The method for changing a user code on a home security system is different for each type of system. This post will cover how to use the website to manage user codes on a 2 Gig smart security system. If you have an alarm system other than the 2 Gig, or you would like to view a complete user manual, click here. First, log into the or site.

Under the DFW Security logo, you will see the word Security. Under that, you will see System Summary, Sensors and User Codes. Click on User Codes. You will see a list of the users that currently have codes assigned to them. To change a code, type the new 4 digits you want to use  into the box to the right of their name. If you want to see the numbers that are assigned to each user (instead of dots), click the Show/Hide next to the orange heading labeled Code. If you want the user to be able to use their code at the alarm system keypad on the wall inside the home or business, check the box on the right under the heading Security Panel Access. If not, leave the box blank. If you have Keyless Entry, you can also choose if you want each user to have access to the door locks under the heading Lock Access. To add a new code, click Add a User at the bottom left hand side of the page. Enter at least the First Name and Last Name, then click the Save button at the bottom right hand corner. You can enter contact information later if you want to set up notifications. To skip right to assigning them a user code, click Go to User Codes Page. Enter the new user's 4 digit code in the box below the heading Code, select Security Panel Access if desired, and click on the Save button at the lower right hand corner of the page. To delete a user, click on the person's name. Click on Delete on the far right of the next page. HELPFUL HINTS: You CANNOT use 0000 or 0001 for a user code. Codes must be 4 digits. The alarm system must be DISARMED to modify user codes. You can click the help anytime you need help, for access to written instructions and a video tutorial. If you need more help, watch the video below or call DFW Security at (855) 840-1295. [su_youtube url=""]

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