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Alarm Monitoring

By the way, if you start to look around, you’ll see we are not entirely unheard of. You’ll start to notice our black and yellow trucks around town and our signs in your neighbors’ yards. You may even hear us on the radio (94.9 KLTY). But, just because you’ve heard of a company doesn’t mean it’s the right choice. We hope you’ll choose us because we have a great quality product at a great price, and a good reputation with your friends, insurance agent and Facebook.

Home Security

Have peace of mind is knowing your family members are safe, right where they belong. Program your home security system Fort Worth to send you a text message or email on your smart phone any time an event occurs in your home you want to know about. Make sure your children get home safe from school. Know if your teenager tries to sneak out a window, when an aging parent opens the front door, or when someone accesses a restricted area like the safe or liquor cabinet. Add video to your alarm system for even more peace of mind. Watch your loved ones in the home live on your mobile device or easily review recorded video.

Home Automation

Just what exactly is home automation Fort Worth? Basically, it is the ability to control multiple systems in your home remotely, and/or have the systems work automatically together. Wireless technology allows devices to communicate with each other, and be controlled from a central location. In our case, the systems can be controlled from an internet connected computer, tablet or smart phone. A myriad of available features means everything can be customized to provide the services you want most. By integrating with a home security system, even more options are available.

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