Commercial Camera Systems

Sophisticated Technology for Video Surveillance
Commercial-Grade Video Solutions
Commercial Cameras

Commercial Security Cameras

Highly Customizable Industrial-Strength Cameras for Every Application

Commercial Surveillance Cameras

Advanced Video Analytics

Identify, Detect, Classify, Track and Count People, Objects and Vehicles

Camera Installation

Professional Installation & Service

Full-Service Expert CCTV Installation by a Trusted Local Security Company


Video Analytics - People, Objects & Vehicles

Manage resources and eliminate waste with surveillance technology that analyzes patterns and detects anomalies to anticipate and prevent issues.

Identify, Detect, Track and Count:

  • -Crossing of a Virtual Line
  • -Entering and/or Exiting a Defined Area
  • -Loitering and Dwell Time
  • -Behavior – Fighting, Falls
  • -Tampering, Shock, Gunshots
  • -Smoke or Fire
  • -Colors
  • -Crowd Density
  • -Missing or Unattended Items


Facial Recognition - Detect, Locate and Classify by:

  • -Age
  • -Gender
  • -Emotion
  • -Eye Gaze
  • -Helmet
  • -Face Match
  • -Blacklist
  • -Clothing Colors


Location and Tracking

  • -GPS Positioning
  • -Thermal Imaging
  • -iBeacon
  • -RFID
  • -WiFi
  • -License Plates

Commercial Surveillance Systems

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Commercial Security Cameras with Advanced Video Management

Whether you need 4 cameras or 4 thousand, DFW Security has a CCTV solution for you. With Indoor or Outdoor Cameras and clear vision day or night, video surveillance systems benefit all Industries, including these users of ACTi systems:

Retail – Macy’s, Simon Malls, IKEA

Food Service – McDonalds, Swanson, Pilgrim’s Pride, Coca-Cola

Law Enforcement – Huntsville Prison, Loomis, DEA

Military – US Border Patrol, Marine Corp, USAF

Schools & Colleges – Tulsa ISD, Steven F. Austin, LSU

Buildings & Campuses – Android, Exxon, DHL, Cartier

Hotels - Holiday Inn, Sheraton, Mariott

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