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Highly Customizable Industrial-Strength Cameras for Every Application

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Advanced Video Analytics

Identify, Detect, Classify, Track and Count People, Objects and Vehicles

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Full-Service Expert CCTV Installation by a Trusted Texas Security Company


Video Analytics - People, Objects & Vehicles

Manage resources and eliminate waste with surveillance technology that analyzes patterns and detects anomalies to anticipate and prevent issues.

Identify, Detect, Track and Count:

  • -Crossing of a Virtual Line
  • -Entering and/or Exiting a Defined Area
  • -Loitering and Dwell Time
  • -Behavior – Fighting, Falls
  • -Tampering, Shock, Gunshots
  • -Smoke or Fire
  • -Colors
  • -Crowd Density
  • -Missing or Unattended Items


Facial Recognition - Detect, Locate and Classify by:

  • -Age
  • -Gender
  • -Emotion
  • -Eye Gaze
  • -Helmet
  • -Face Match
  • -Blacklist
  • -Clothing Colors


Location and Tracking

  • -GPS Positioning
  • -Thermal Imaging
  • -iBeacon
  • -RFID
  • -WiFi
  • -License Plates

Commercial Surveillance Systems

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Commercial Security Cameras with Advanced Video Management

Whether you need 4 cameras or 4 thousand, DFW Security has a CCTV solution for you. With Indoor or Outdoor Cameras and clear vision day or night, video surveillance systems benefit all Industries, including these users of ACTi systems:

Retail – Macy’s, Simon Malls, IKEA

Food Service – McDonalds, Swanson, Pilgrim’s Pride, Coca-Cola

Law Enforcement – Huntsville Prison, Loomis, DEA

Military – US Border Patrol, Marine Corp, USAF

Schools & Colleges – Tulsa ISD, Steven F. Austin, LSU

Buildings & Campuses – Android, Exxon, DHL, Cartier

Hotels - Holiday Inn, Sheraton, Mariott

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Warehouse Cameras

DFW Security specializes in commercial surveillance cameras for Texas warehouses. Protect your building and surrounding property with a state-of-the-art, reliable CCTV system. We have the equipment and expertise to ensure your warehouse is covered both outside and inside. Enjoy remote viewing, secure encryption, 24/7 recording, local and cloud storage and custom alerts and reporting. We can also provide integrated or stand-alone Access Control, Security Systems, or Fire Alarm Services. Give us a call - we’d love to help!

Professional Installation & Service

Don’t rely on subcontractors or your own employees to install important business protection.

Trust the licensed experts at DFW Security to ensure the job is done right. We’ve been protecting homes and businesses for over 28 years and customer satisfaction is our number one priority. You can rely on our talented local customer support team for all your service needs, both now and in the future.


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