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A Complete Video Alarm System

Buying alarm components, smart home devices and cameras separately just doesn’t make sense when you could have a smart hub that is a complete home security system with cameras and can be controlled with a single app.

Whether you have a security or camera system that needs upgrading or want a whole new CCTV video surveillance home alarm system, we can help.

Not All Cameras Are Created Equal

The market is flooded with all types of home surveillance cameras, but the platform they run on is what really matters - and it’s what really sets us apart.

Our Patented Video Analytics harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence to ensure you see what you want, without wasting your time on a flood of notifications. It can identify whether an object is a Person, Animal or Vehicle, and you can customize recordings and notifications based on those parameters.

Record and/or notify on motion, schedule or event triggers like doors opening, alarm system disarm and more. Of course, we have HD cameras for inside or outdoors, doorbell cameras, day/night vision and 2-way audio, all with the highest level of data encryption to prevent hacking. Give us a call to discuss your best option for a Texas home security system with cameras. Learn More about our Cameras

Better Together

Crackers without cheese, smores without chocolate, cameras without a home alarm system – it just isn’t that great. But put them together…and it becomes something wonderful!

When you have an integrated home security system, your surveillance cameras can record and send alerts based on system and sensor status, event triggers, and even your location. Record a video clip when a door opens, when the alarm goes off or when there’s someone lurking by the door while you’re away from home.

Use the same App to view live or recorded video and control your home alarm system too. It all works together, so it works better.

A Security System that Really Works

  •   •  7” color touchscreen keypad can be wall-mounted or kept free-standing
  •   •  Cancel or confirm alarms on the mobile App, or talk to a monitoring agent through the keypad
  •   •  Disarm photos with facial recognition prevent unauthorized code-sharing
  •   •  Alerts you even if the security system is damaged or destroyed during a break-in
  •   •  Built in 24/7 wireless monitoring via both WiFi and dedicated cellular connection
  •   •  Push notifications, like reminders to arm, alerts when doors are left open, etc
  •   •  Bluetooth touchless disarming – keep your phone in your pocket to automatically disarm
  •   •  Smart Home Ready – add lights, locks, garage doors, thermostats and more

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