Smart Home Security System

Peace of Mind at Your Fingertips
Intelligent Home Security
Smart Security System

Advanced Protection

Safeguard the things you love with cutting-edge technology that works - even in the midst of power, internet or phone outages.

Smart Security Upgraded App

Simple Convenience

Our award-winning mobile app allows you to control your system from anywhere. Works with phones, tablets, Apple watch, Alexa and Google Home.

Smart Home Security System Alert

Notifications and Alerts

Customized notifications so you’ll know who’s coming and going. Reminders so you’ll never forget to arm your home security system again.

Smart Security System App with Cameras and Smart Home Devices


Easily add cameras or smart home devices to your smart home security system and control them all with a single app.


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Special Offers

State-of-the-Art Protection

The Ultimate Home Security Hub

  • •  7” Touchscreen 
  • •  Encrypted Data Transmission
  • •  Built-in Glass Break Detector
  • •  Panel Camera for Disarm Photos 
  • •  Location-Based GEO Fencing
  • •  Secure Wireless Monitoring - 5G & 6G Ready
  • •  Arming Reminders and Alerts
  • •  Bluetooth Touchless Disarming


Mobile Application

Manage your home’s security with a powerful app that is straightforward and easy to use. Quickly check system and sensor status and view activity history. Arm or disarm with one click. We’re constantly adding new features to make your life more simple and secure.

All Kinds of Devices

Use your smart phone, computer, tablet, smart watch or your voice to control your alarm system from anywhere. Once your home security system is installed, download the app for free from the App Store on your device.

Smart Home Expandable

Our Security Panel also acts as a hub for smart home technology like thermostats, lights, cameras, locks and garage doors. Home Automation components can be added and seamlessly controlled in the same app. 

Two-Way Communication

Help in an Instant

Two Way Communication, also known as 2-Way Voice, allows for faster communication in an emergency, because our monitoring agent can speak directly into your home through the loudspeaker on your keypad. 

A Faster Emergency Response 

If an agent hears activity in the home, but no password is given, the police will respond even faster to what’s called a “verified alarm”, saving precious seconds. 

Reduced False Alarms

If an alarm is accidentally triggered in your home, you can cancel it quickly and easily by speaking directly to our agents through your keypad. 

Crash & Smash Protection

Advanced Detection 

A “crash & smash” burglary is one where a crafty thief disables or destroys the security system before it can send an alarm signal to the monitoring center. While traditional alarm systems offered no protection from this threat, our special patented technology provides a solution to make the crash and smash burglary technique a thing of the past.

We Monitor All Sensors at All Times

If a door opens when we know the security system is armed, but we don’t quickly receive a disarm signal, the police are dispatched, and the homeowner is notified of a possible burglary.

We Keep You Informed

Text and email alerts from DFW Security ensure you are instantly notified about any type of alarm at your home or business, as well as other activity you want to know about.

Get Better Security Cameras

Custom Notifications. DFW Security's patented video analytics uses artificial intelligence to categorize moving objects by person, animal or vehicle. You can then decide when and how you want us to notify you. For example, when a vehicle stops in your driveway, but not when it just drives by. Or for large animals like dogs, but not small ones like squirrels. And when people enter your back yard after dark but not during the day. 

Proactive Defense with Audio. When your cameras detect a person, the camera's LED flashes, and it whistles or beeps to let the intruder know they're being watched. From the alert we send to your phone, you can push to have a 2-way conversation through the camera. Ask what they're doing or tell them to get off your property and send the police.

Create your Perfect Smart Home

Easily add Home Automation components to your Smart Security System for unprecedented control of your entire home with a single award-winning App.

Create your Perfect Smart HomeTalk to an Expert

Professional Installation & Programming

Texas Home Security is what we do, and we’ve been doing it well for over 30 years. Why not trust the experts to make sure your security system installation is done right? Our licensed, experienced, background checked, drug tested employees will ensure the best selection and placement of components to protect your home and family. And we won’t leave until you are completely satisfied and fully comfortable with how to operate your new smart system and app. 

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