Smart Lights & Automation

A Brilliant Innovation for the Security and Efficiency of Your Home
Intelligent Lighting
Smart Light Bulb

Smart Lighting

Increase your home’s security with dynamic lighting programs that make it look like someone’s always home.

Home Automation App


Better than smart lights alone, these integrated lights act based on customized schedules, system triggers and even your location.


Lighting Control App

Energy Savings

Increase your home’s energy efficiency with lighting automation. Turn off one light, or turn them all off with a quick click in our award-winning mobile app.


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How it Works

Bulbs or Smart Plugs

Start with our SMART Hub and add smart bulbs or lamp modules to easily control your lighting with our award-winning mobile app. Plug a module into an outlet, and anything plugged into the left side can be turned on and off with the app. Use it for a Christmas tree, the coffee pot, a lava lamp – the possibilities are endless!

Lighting Schedules

Use custom smart schedules to keep you out of the dark, or to make it look like someone’s always home. Use sunrise/sunset as a trigger or specify exact times by day of the week or weekday/weekend. 

Lighting Automation

Set up automatic actions by system event. For example, have the lights turn on automatically when you open the back door or when there’s motion in the living room. Turn all lights on when there’s an alarm or turn them all off when you leave your neighborhood.

All-In-One App

The Only App You Need. A lot of smart home devices have their own app. Start adding more devices and suddenly you have app overload - and a home that is more complicated than convenient. Our award-winning smart home app combines all your systems into one, making controlling your whole home a piece of cake. 

Do More with Connected Devices. Because all your smart devices are controlled by the same app, they can react to each other for better automation. For example, you can push one button when you leave and have all your lights turn off, your doors all lock, the garage door close and the security system armed. 

The Ultimate Smart Hub. Smart home devices are only as good as the hub that controls them. Our smart hub is the best system for controlling security and home automation. You'll wonder how you ever got by without it! 

Create your Perfect Smart Home

Easily add Home Automation components to your Smart Security System for unprecedented control of your entire home with a single award-winning App.

Create your Perfect Smart HomeTalk to an Expert

Installation & Programming Included

DIY smart home equipment has been in the spotlight lately, but doing it yourself often leads to frustration. Complicated technology, confusing apps, components that don’t talk to each other and lack of help with customization can make doing it yourself a real pain. Skip the stress of DIY – Let DFW Security make sure your installation is done right. 

DFW Security technicians are licensed, background checked, drug tested employees with extensive security and smart technology experience. 

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