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Door Locking Systems / Access Control

Secure access to your facility with an automatic door lock system. Control interior and exterior door locks remotely through computers, tablets or smart phones. Easily modify schedules and customize user access. 

Instant Lockdown - Initiate an immediate lockdown of all school doors with a touch of a button and get alerted right away if any doors are not able to be locked.

Silent Panic Alert Technology

Alert authorities instantly in case of a school emergency or threat like an active shooter. Initiate a silent alarm with the touch of a mounted button or from a computer, tablet or smart phone. Works hand-in-hand with access control to ensure the children are safe and the facility is secure.

School Security Cameras

Monitor the interior and exterior of the school building 24/7. Preserve a record of visitors and events that's easily searchable and can be quickly sent to the authorities. Review altercations to determine a course of action. Use cameras as part of an intercom system to allow or block access to the campus. School security cameras provide a vital, comprehensive awareness of the entire campus at all times.

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Grant Programs for Improving School Security

In 2022, the Texas Education Authority announced new requirements defining minimum required safety standards, requiring upgrades for many school districts. Funding was released and grants were created to help local educational agencies comply. For more complete information visit the TEA school security grant page.

2023-2025 School Safety Standards Formula Grant

Provides for a minimum of $200K for schools to upgrade to the minimum required safety standards. Funds may be used for additional security-related improvements once the minimum upgrades are accomplished.

2022-2024 Silent Panic Alert Technology (SPAT) Grant

Available beginning 10/28/2022, this grant covers installation and maintenance of panic systems that alert authorities in case of an active shooter or other emergency. Other components and services may be added a long as the panic system is primary.

2019-2021 School Safety & Security Grant (EXTENDED)

This grant was extended to June 15, 2023 and provides for $100K to make improvements to security systems, door locking systems and active shooter alarm systems among other facility upgrades.

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