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Activity Monitoring App on Phone

Activity Monitoring

Monitor your Loved One’s Daily Activity. Make sure they’re moving around, taking Medicine and more.

WellCam Smart Speaker with Camera

Video & Automation

Check-In Easily with Cameras & Audio. Automate Temperature, Lights, Locks, Garage Doors and More.


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Fall Detection & Monitoring

A Smarter Button

With a Speaker, Microphone and 4G LTE Cellular Monitoring 24/7. If a Fall is detected or the button is pressed, our agents will check in, dispatch help if needed, and notify emergency contacts.

Where's Dad?

Quickly locate your loved one in an emergency with on-board GPS, Cellular Triangulation and WiFi.


Wear it around the neck, or on a belt. Around the house, or out and about. Up to 7 days on a single charge and water resistant.

Wellness Activity Monitoring

Detect an Emergency Before it Happens

Want to know if Dad got out of bed this morning? If Mom went to the kitchen to get breakfast? Wellness medical monitoring can help you oversee daily activity. Monitor how much time is spent in bed, in a favorite chair or out of the house. Know when your loved one opens the fridge, and when they access the medicine cabinet. When an anomaly occurs that might signify a problem, get notified in an instant. With strategically-placed sensors and our award-winning mobile application, you can be aware, even when you’re not there.

Simplify Tasks with Automation

Automate settings for temperature, light and security to take the pressure off a forgetful family member. Customize rules and schedules to ensure the most comfortable environment and efficient performance. Control lights, door locks, thermostats, garage doors and the alarm system remotely from your smart phone.

So Much More Than a Button

Wellness is the most comprehensive solution to make sure your loved one gets help when they need it, even if they can’t (or don’t remember to) push the button. Find out right away when something is out of the ordinary, like if Dad gets out of bed in the middle of the night but doesn’t return within an hour, or if a door is left open or unlocked.

Video Solutions

Smart Cameras for Safer Home Living

Strategically placed cameras can help you keep an eye on your loved one so they can live independently at home longer. View live streaming video or recorded smart clips anytime. Choose from outdoor HD cameras, indoor cameras with 2 way audio, even doorbell cameras, whatever it takes for you to feel comfortable that your loved one is safe and secure.

Introducing WellCam

Wellcam is a security camera, two-way communication device, activity sensor and more. It is connected to the smart security system at your home, and is controlled by your mobile app, but is installed at your loved one’s home. It works great as an early warning system and easy way to keep in touch. 

Traditional Medical Panic Button

The Wearable Pendant

Keep your loved ones safe with a monitored medical alert pendant or watch. We will add a wireless panic button to your security system, whether it is traditional, smart, new or existing. When the button is pressed, DFW Security will respond quickly by dispatching EMS and contacting the emergency call list you provide.

Help in an Instant

All security systems have a built-in panic feature. Simply press the panic button on the keypad to get help on its way. If you have our Smart system, you can talk to our dispatch agents directly through the keypad. For traditional systems, our agents will dispatch and then call the list of emergency numbers you provide.

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Professional Installation

Making sure your loved one is safe while living alone can get complicated. Our licensed experts can help make sure you get the best possible protection with professional installation, programming and training on all devices. Their experience can help with hub and sensor placement, mobile app set-up, equipment installation, notifications programming and more. Don’t stumble through this alone, let our professional technicians help you get started right. 

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