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Exceptional Protection

Highest Quality

Quality professional alarm monitoring is still the best way to protect your home from burglary, fire and medical emergencies. Our monitoring station is U.L. Listed for reliability and is T.M.A. 5-Diamond Rated, the highest quality score available. 

Fast Response

When an alarm is triggered at your home, our Texas-based certified operators contact you within seconds and dispatch the appropriate authorities as needed.

Compatible Alarm Systems

Switching Monitoring Companies

If you have a working, compatible security system already in your home, our licensed technicians can switch your monitoring over to DFW Security in just a couple of hours. Make sure you’re not under contract with another company before switching. Also, some Texas home security companies lock out systems, which could require an upgrade or panel replacement.  

Popular Manufacturers

If your home security system is made by one of these manufacturers, it is most likely compatible with our alarm monitoring service. Keep in mind, the company name on your keypad may not be the manufacturer. Your best bet is to call us or visit our Compatible Systems page. 

* "Dumb down" an existing smart system to basic LTE wireless alarm monitoring for $19.95/month.

Upgrade to Smart Home Security

Get the best protection for just a little more. We can upgrade your compatible or non-compatible burglar alarm to smart security, or we can install a whole new system including:

  • •  Touchscreen SMART hub 
  • •  Mobile App Control with Notifications
  • •  Bluetooth Touchless Disarming
  • •  Built-In Snapshot Camera 
  • •  Secure LTE Wireless 2-Way Monitoring
  • •  Patented Crash and Smash Protection
  • •  Home Automation Expandable 


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Landline vs. Wireless

Traditional Landline Monitoring

Basic landline alarm monitoring is how home security systems have been monitored for decades. Alarm signals are sent to a monitoring center via standard home phone line. Unfortunately, this method is vulnerable. Phone lines can easily be cut outside the home by a smart burglar, preventing a signal from being sent.

Advanced Wireless Monitoring

Wireless alarm monitoring is the most reliable form of communication, since there is no phone line to be cut. A dedicated LTE cellular transmitter can be attached to your existing home security system or an LTE / 5G communicator comes built into our smart alarm systems. The transmitter is chosen according to the best network in your area and requires very little signal strength.

Homeowners Insurance

Premium Discounts

Did you know? You can earn up to a 20% discount on your homeowner’s insurance premium for having a professionally monitored alarm system. We’ll send a certificate directly to your agent to make sure your discount is applied.

Recommended Agents

We don’t sell homeowners insurance, but we know a bunch of great agents who do! Check out our list of recommended Homeowners Insurance Agents in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

Create your Perfect Smart Home

Easily add Home Automation components to your Smart Security System for unprecedented control of your entire home with a single award-winning App.

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