Connected Door Locks

Access that’s smart, convenient and secure
Integrated Smart Locks
Smart Locks Apps

Remote control

Lock and unlock from anywhere. User codes allow for keyless entry, customized access and around-the-clock monitoring.

Smart Home with Locks

Integrated Automation

Smart Locks are a vital part of a Smart Home, allowing for automatic triggers, like locking all doors when the security system is armed.

Smart Locks Notification

Notifications and Reminders

Never forget to lock your doors again. Constant monitoring means you’ll be notified instantly when someone unlocks your door. 



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How It Works

Add Smart Locks to your DFW Security Smart hub for added security, control and convenience.

Keyless Entry

Our licensed technicians will replace your existing lock with a pushbutton lock that can be programmed with up to 32 unique codes for keyless entry. Each code can be customized, so you can limit access to only certain times for certain people.

Smart Security + Smart Lock = Better Protection

Our locks communicate with the SMART Hub and are controlled with an all-in-one app for better automation and security. Because the lock is integrated with a security system, you can set up automation to lock your door automatically when another event occurs, like when the garage door opens, or when the alarm system is armed.

Real-Time Alerts

Set up push notifications to specified mobile devices when a door locks or unlocks, either anytime or within a scheduled window of time. So, you’ll know exactly when the kids get home from school, or when the cleaning service arrives. Get a reminder if you leave home and forget to lock your door with location-based GEO Services.  

Smart Lock Options

We offer a variety of smart lock options that work well and look great. 

Deadbolt or Lever

Our experienced professional installers will select the best type of smart lock for your home, depending on the type of door lock currently on your door. Deadbolt locks replace the deadbolt, and lever locks replace the handle. 

Silver, Gold or Bronze

Choose from 3 attractive smart lock colors to perfectly match your home’s décor. Choose Brushed Nickel, Oil-Rubbed Bronze or Polished Brass. 

Create your Perfect Smart Home

Easily add Home Automation components to your Smart Security System for unprecedented control of your entire home with a single award-winning App.

Create your Perfect Smart HomeTalk to an Expert

Installation Included

Professional Installation

Our licensed installers are experts in security and smart home technology. They will help you choose the best lock(s) for your doors and won’t leave until it all looks good and works well. 

Expert Programming

What makes our smart locks great is how they interact with your security system and other smart home components. Our professional installers will connect your new locks to the smart hub and get your mobile app up and running.  

Thorough Training

No need to fumble through trying to figure out your new smart system. Our helpful technicians will fully demonstrate your new smart hub, mobile app and smart lock until you feel comfortable and safe.  

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