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Security Cameras

Harness Surveillance Technology

These industrial-grade smart cameras do way more than just record images. With analysis and artificial intelligence they can count people and objects, calculate wait times, report crowd sizes, locate individuals, read license plates and more. View multiple locations from the same screen and access it all with mobile apps for all kinds of devices. 

Meaningful Notifications

Stop notification overload with alerts that only tell you what you need to know. Use schedules, video analytics, facial recognition, virtual tripwires and ground zones, GEO fencing, triggers and rules to filter out unnecessary information and only report on important events.

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Commercial Security

State-of-the-Art Security Systems

Intuitive touchscreen keypads with remote access via phone, tablet or desktop. Easily manage users and notifications, view reports and monitor activity from anywhere. Guards against smash and grab burglaries, power or internet outages and more. Seamlessly integrates with video and access control systems for full protection that is both convenient and secure. 

Professional Commercial Alarm Monitoring 

Count on 24/7 dual-band encrypted wireless monitoring by certified monitoring agents trained to act quickly and accurately in an emergency. Our 5-diamond rated monitoring facility is available for monitoring of new or existing fire and/or security systems.

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Access Control

Simplify Access Management

Complex requirements are no match for our physical access control solutions. Manage users, role permissions and restrictions quickly and easily from any desktop or mobile device. Control restricted areas, track guests or facilitate the lockdown of an entire facility with a custom designed door entry system for your office, warehouse or commercial building. 

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Commercial Security Systems Components


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