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DFW Security offers top-rated Alarm Monitoring (from $12.95 per month on existing systems) for small to medium businesses, or the option to upgrade to our state-of-the-art Smart Security. A-la-carte Smart Automation features can be added to Smart Security to create am affordable, yet comprehensive small business security solution.

Smart Security for Businesses

Installing Smart Security in your business gives you the advantage of superior small business security and awareness. Why wouldn’t you want the very best protection for your business? Smart security is the most reliable and comprehensive option for securing your business.

  • Remote access with our award-winning mobile application.
  • Monitoring agents speak directly into your business in an emergency (through the alarm keypad), dispatch emergency response as necessary, and then quickly notify your contact list.
  • Wireless monitoring ensures alarm communication even when the power is out, internet is down, or phones are not working.
  • Instant Notifications when events you specify occur at your business, like motion in a restricted area, doors unlocked after hours, forgot to arm, doors left open, etc.

Smart Automation for Businesses

Even though we commonly call it “Home Automation”, it is great for small business security too! How would you like to be able to control your business’ lights, locks, thermostats, overhead doors, appliances and cameras from your smartphone? You choose which components you want, how you want it to work, and we do the rest.

Lights – set schedules and automation – like lobby light turns on when system is disarmed, backlight turns on at dusk, open sign automatically turns off at closing. Use your app to control lighting from anywhere.

Access – Install keyless entry with unique user codes for everyone. Easily view who gained access when, assign temporary codes for contractors, etc.

Thermostats – Keep tabs on your employees with automated heating and cooling schedules. Control it all from your phone. Get customized energy-saving recommendations based on activity patterns at the business. Get an alert every time someone adjusts the thermostat if you like.

Video & Cameras

From doorbell cameras to night vision, we’ve got your small business security surveillance needs covered. Live stream video anytime on your smartphone or computer. Choose continuous recording with 2 weeks or 1 month of off-site secure cloud storage, or record only the events you want to see.

Record on a schedule, like only after business hours. Or only when there is Doorbell Camera Package Deliverymotion and it’s after business hours. Record anytime there is an alarm. Record when a door is opened, when the system is disarmed, or when the doorbell is pressed. Easily locate 30 second clips by event, date/time or camera. Get those clips attached to a push notification to your mobile device.

Basic Alarm Monitoring

DFW Security offers a low alarm monitoring rate of $12.95 to small business owners in the Dallas Fort Worth area, provided a few requirements are met.

To qualify for $12.95 monthly monitoring, your small business must:

  • Be 6,000 square feet or less.
  • Have ceilings no higher than 10 feet.
  • Have an existing, compatible security system in working order.
  • Have standard landline phone service available.

If your small business meets the above requirements, you qualify for the same professional alarm monitoring listed throughout this website for homeowners. The only exception is Fire Protection.

DFW Security does not monitor or service commercial fire systems.

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The possibilities are endless when you choose DFW Security for your small business security.  Call our helpful consultants today for more information and a customized quote. (855) 840-1295