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Essential Smart Security

Smart Security Home Security System

  • •  Security Smart Hub (control your alarm, plus smart devices like locks, thermostats, cameras)
  • •  Mobile App (access anywhere with your smart phone or watch)
  • •  3 Door / Window Sensors* & 1 Motion Detector* (existing systems get smart translators instead)
  • •  Two-Way Voice (speak with monitoring agents through the keypad in an emergency)
  • •  Custom Notifications (reminders to arm, alerts when doors left open, etc.)
  • •  Patented Crash & Smash Protection (communicates even if hub is damaged or destroyed)
  • •  Bluetooth Touchless (can disarm automatically when you arrive home)
  • •  Built-in Wireless LTE/5G Alarm Monitoring (future-proof 24/7 monitoring)

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SMART Home + Security + Video

SMART Technology

What do you get when you take a state-of-the-art Smart Home Hub and combine it with an award-winning Mobile App? Protection that is powerful, convenient, and easy to use.

Easy Automation

Control your whole home with one simple app. Control lights, locks, thermostats, garage doors and more.

Better Cameras

Security cameras are only as good as the platform they run on. Our smart cameras do more with live streaming, smart recording, custom notifications, and video analytics with artificial intelligence to identify moving objects as cars, animals or people. Add a whole new level to your home security with smart cameras to meet your every need.

All-In-One App

No More App Overload

Forget downloading a different app for every system in your home. Manage your entire home with a single, easy-to-use app. We make home automation simple, not complicated.

Let’s Expand

Start with our Smart Hub. Add the components and systems you want to control – All of them or just some of them. Everything works together seamlessly. 

You Have Options

We’re constantly looking for ways to make managing your home more convenient. Currently you can control your whole home from your smart hub, phone, tablet, computer, watch or voice. 

Get Better Security Cameras

Custom Notifications. DFW Security's patented video analytics uses artificial intelligence to categorize moving objects by person, animal or vehicle. You can then decide when and how you want us to notify you. For example, when a vehicle stops in your driveway, but not when it just drives by. Or for large animals like dogs, but not small ones like squirrels. And when people enter your back yard after dark but not during the day. 

Proactive Defense with Audio. When your cameras detect a person, the camera's LED flashes, and it whistles or beeps to let the intruder know they're being watched. From the alert we send to your phone, you can push to have a 2-way conversation through the camera. Ask what they're doing or tell them to get off your property and send the police.

Create your Perfect Smart Home

Easily add Home Automation components to your Smart Security System for unprecedented control of your entire home with a single award-winning App.

Create your Perfect Smart HomeTalk to an Expert

Platinum Service Plan

We've Got You Covered

Who doesn't need less to worry about? Our Platinum Protection Plan covers your equipment for as long as you're monitored by DFW Security, even if we didn't install it.

  • -No Trip Charge
  • -No Co-Pay
  • -No Labor
  • -No Cost for Parts
  • -No Hassles

Professional Installation Included

All of our special packages include professional installation, programming and training to make sure your home is as safe and smart as can be.  

DFW Security Technicians are

  • •  licensed with the Texas Board of Private Security
  • •  background checked and regularly drug tested
  • •  employees, never sub-contractors
  • •  experienced in security and smart home technology
  • •  friendly, helpful and dedicated to your satisfaction
Equipment Add-Ons

Add sensors, cameras or smart devices to your security system for even better protection.

Components you can add to your security system like motion detectors, cameras, smart locks and door sensors

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