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4 High-Tech Features of SMART Security that Make it Better

I could write a hundred pages about how great smart security systems are, but for today I’m just going to pick 4..…Four impressive new features that make smart systems infinitely better than traditional alarm systems. Just wait until you see how they work together. Who knew that protecting your property could be this easy and fun?

#1 - Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition Smart Security


No, it’s not just for the movies. Facial recognition technology is real, and we use it to minimize your security risk by monitoring for unauthorized access. Best of all, it’s included FREE in all our new SMART Security Systems.

Disarm Photos

DFW Security’s 7” touchscreen keypad has a built-in 5-megapixel snapshot camera. Anytime someone enters their code to disarm the security system, it snaps a photo. If you want to set up notifications, you can have it text you that pic instantly, every time it happens, helping you keep tabs on who’s entering your property and when. We call this a “Disarm Photo.”

Image Analysis & Notification

The really exciting part is what we do with those disarm photos! If you choose to enable our Facial Recognition feature, our system analyzes your disarm photos and alerts you immediately when someone is suspected of using an unauthorized code. For example, if your teenager gives her code to her boyfriend instead of creating a new unique code for him. Or if an employee lets someone “borrow” their code.

How Do I Get Started?

Once you are a DFW Security customer, you will opt into Facial Recognition using the App. After accumulating at least 10 images of the person using a specific code, answer a few yes or no questions on our website to verify and train your system to recognize its authorized users. Set up who to notify, and you’re good to go. If you need help, just call us – we’ll be glad to assist.

#2 - Unexpected Activity Alerts

Unexpected Activity Alerts Smart Security


The first topic – Facial Recognition – is actually an enhancement to our Unexpected Activity Alerts service. Our goal is to fully leverage technology to make our smart systems the best they can be…convenient, secure, intuitive and easy to use. Monitoring for unusual activity is just one way we make security smarter.

Anything Out of the Ordinary

It’s just what it sounds like – we notify you when there is an activity at your property that is unexpected. Our system analyzes your normal routine and looks for anything out of the ordinary. If the hallway motion detector usually doesn’t see motion after Midnight, it can alert you to a wandering toddler in the middle of the night. Or if you normally don’t wake up until 8:00am on the weekends, someone quietly opening the back door before then would trigger an alert. Unexpected Activity Alerts are especially useful for businesses wanting to keep tabs on employee activity. This service is in addition to regular sensors that can be placed on things like safes, liquor cabinets and storerooms to alert you when someone accesses a restricted area.

More About Unexpected Activity Alerts in this Video

#3 - Video Analytics

Video Analytics Smart Security


This just may be my favorite high-tech feature so far. Video analytics uses artificial intelligence to determine when (and when not) to notify you of motion at your property.

Object Classification

Traditional camera systems record everything and have no idea what they’re seeing. Our Video Analytics service interprets images and sorts them into 3 categories – Person, Vehicle or Animal. You can then define what action to take based on what the cameras see. For example, you may not care about Animals on your property at 3:00am, but a person is a different story!

Virtual Tripwires

To further increase security, you can pre-define areas to pay attention to and areas to ignore. Like cars passing on the street are not as important as vehicles parking in your driveway. Our cameras are so smart they can even tell if someone is lingering on your porch or just dropping off a package and leaving.

Automation Based on Analytics

Since all our Smart devices are connected and controlled through a single hub, you can be very specific about what you want your system to do in every situation. For example, you could specify that when a person is spotted after dark in your back yard, the upstairs bedroom lights turn on, making it look like someone is home and awake. Or if a vehicle stops in your driveway for more than a minute, a floodlight shines, the doors all lock, and you get a text message with a video clip.

No More Notification Overload

Have you ever experienced notification overload? That condition where you get so many alerts on your phone that it drives you crazy and you start to ignore them all? That is not a safe place to be when it comes to protecting your home or business. Our solution is Video Analytics. Now you can specify exactly when you want to be notified. Keep your property safe without getting a notification every time a leaf blows across your lawn.

See How Video Analytics Works in this Video

#4 GEO Services

GEO Fencing Smart Security


I couldn’t resist adding one last high-tech feature to our list. GEO Fencing has been around for a while, but I still find it fascinating. Simply draw a circle around your property on a virtual map on our website. Then, using the GPS location of your phone, tell your system what to do based on your location. When you leave the area, your system will know. It can turn down the thermostat, lock the doors, close the garage door, arm the security system and more. And if you’re particularly forgetful, you’ll love getting reminders to turn on your alarm or close the garage door when you leave the GEO fence.

Watch a Video About GEO Services

How Much Does All This Amazing Technology Cost?

Now that you know just a few of the incredible things you can do with a smart security system, are you afraid it will break the bank? No worries! Our smart home packages are extremely affordable. In most cases, you pay nothing for equipment or for professional installation. Just pay your first month of monitoring to get started. While I can’t give you an exact price without more details, I can tell you that most people pay $35 - $55 per month, depending on equipment needed, credit score, payment method, ownership status, etc. For an exact quote, call us and we’ll help you create the perfect package!

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