Benefits of Access Control System
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8 Benefits of Implementing an Access Control System


Access Control Benefits

All types of businesses require effective security to be successful. Proper security protects confidential customer data, employees, equipment, inventory, and other business assets. One good way to achieve effective security is to implement an access control system that allows or blocks individuals from accessing a location, space, or building.

Discover the benefits of implementing an access control system.

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1. Keep Track of All Activity

An access control system helps to keep a close eye on all the activities in your business. You can easily monitor visitors, employees, and even delivery drivers.

If a suspicious incident such as theft occurs, the access records will aid with the investigations. For instance, you will know the individuals who accessed a specific room when the incident happened.

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2. Avoid Traditional Keys

Traditional keys have been the main way to control access to a building or a room for a long time, but keys can come with many security threats. For instance, if an employee loses a key, the business may have to get new locks to protect the building.

On the other hand, access control systems can remotely deactivate a lost access card and instantly assign a new one. The business doesn't have to waste time and money on changing logs or issuing keys to all employees. With DFW Security, smart phones can even be used in place of key cards if desired.

3. Keep Unwanted Visitors Out

Unauthorized or unwanted individuals are less likely to enter your facility when you implement an access control system. The system will require authentication at every door before allowing entry.

4. Give Employees More Freedom

If your business uses traditional keys, the security staff may have to stay late to lock up the facility after everyone has left. Once you install access control systems, employees can have more flexibility on how they enter and leave the building. The need for excess security personnel to control employee movement ceases to exist.

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5. Set Specific Access Times and Dates

DFW Security’s access control systems have excellent scheduling tools. You can use the scheduling feature to offer access to specific individuals for specific periods. The access can even be for particular zones within your facility. 

For example, you may plan to host a conference and invite people to your facility. Since you likely don't want to hire personnel to control visitor movements during the conference, you can provide access to the visitors for the duration of the conference. You can also limit access to the conference room only.

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6. Save Money

Hiring security personnel and installing locks can be costly for most businesses. These expenses disappear when you install an access control system.

Also, you can integrate the access control system with your cooling, heating, and lighting systems. Now, the lighting system will only turn on if a person enters a room and will automatically shut off when the person leaves.

Moreover, the room temperature will only adjust if somebody is inside the room. The result is a reduction in energy costs.

7. Prevent Data Breaches

Many businesses store important financial and customer data on on-site servers. If an unauthorized individual accesses the servers, a catastrophic data breach could occur. To prevent this, use access control systems to tighten the security around your data servers.

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8. Streamline Payroll

Access control systems allow you to collect real-time data about your employees. You will know when employees enter the building and when they leave. 

This information is vital if you pay your employees on an hourly basis. As a result, the payroll department can quickly process payments using verifiable information.

Implementing An Access Control System

Access control systems have many benefits for businesses. DFW Security installs high-quality secure access systems with the latest protection technology in all types of commercial and residential buildings. Contact us today.

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