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5 Common Physical Threats to Your Business

Most companies are now aware of the various online threats, such as internal data theft and cyberattacks. However, physical security threats remain a major challenge to many businesses. Read on to discover security threats that businesses should be aware of.

1. Tailgating

Businesses often secure their premises with various types of access control measures, such as swipe card access or a locked door. However, criminals can easily bypass these security measures in a process called tailgating. 

Tailgating occurs when an unauthorized individual walks behind an authorized individual into a restricted area. This may happen if people pass through a door with minimal access control systems. Those with authorization will assume that the person walking behind them also works in the same building and has the right access credentials.

You can prevent tailgating by installing smart cameras. These cameras can identify tailgating and notify management. Training employees to recognize tailgating and know how to respond accordingly is also important. Another strategy is to install anti-tailgating doors that can only allow one person to pass through at a time.

2. Vandalism

Vandalism is the deliberate damage of property and items that belong to a business. If your business doesn't have business property insurance, the business must use its own money to repair or replace vandalized property. In the meantime, vandalism interrupts business operations as it puts machines, vehicles, and other structures out of use. For example, if criminals slash the tires of your delivery vehicles, you can't ship items to your customers.

Vandalism can also deter potential customers from visiting your business premises. For example, if criminals regularly damage vehicles around your area, many people will fear for their personal safety. Vandals may also damage the business's branding through graffiti and other forms of defacing. Some of the things you can do to prevent vandalism include the following:

  • •  Install outdoor lighting around your business
  • •  Install stronger windows and glass doors
  • •  Install visible CCTV cameras outside your property
  • •  Train your employees on how to detect and respond to vandalism incidents
  • •  Inspect your business property regularly to identify any signs of vandalism


3. Workplace Violence

Violence is a threat to any business, but this happens more frequently in businesses that sell directly to the public, such as restaurants and retail stores. Workplace violence can cause injuries, destroy a business's reputation, and result in costly lawsuits. Violence includes an employee attacking another employee or a customer. Customers can also attack employees or other customers.

Most companies develop security policies on how to manage workplace violence. Security features such as smart cameras can also help prevent or at least document workplace violence. Another strategy is to properly screen employees during the hiring process and detect any signs of violent behavior. In some cases, you may have to hire physical security guards to intervene and manage violent situations. 

4. Employee Theft

Employees can steal electronic documents, equipment, products, and paper documents. This kind of theft is difficult to detect immediately and may go unnoticed for months or years. Conduct regular security assessments and supervise employees closely to pick out any signs of impending theft. Also, set up a confidential whistleblowing line, and keep confidential documents in a secure area.

5. Natural Disasters

The risk of natural disasters has been steadily increasing. Natural disasters, such as wind, hail, tornadoes, floods, and fires, can damage equipment and destroy assets. This can disrupt the operations of the business for several months. The common strategy is to have disaster mitigation policies and recovery and backup systems.

Another tip is to train employees on what to do when a natural disaster strikes. Remember to also get sufficient property insurance.

Secure Your Business

Without proper business security, you can lose valuable products and put the safety of your employees and customers at risk. DFW Security provides essential security features such as alarm systems, access control systems and security cameras. Reach out to us for more information.

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