6 Critical Features That Homeowners Should Look For in a Doorbell Camera

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The doorbell has remained a standard feature in homes since its invention. However, doorbells have advanced over the years, from simple gadgets to advanced apparatuses with various capabilities. As a result, contemporary homeowners have moved away from traditional doorbells to models with multiple features, such as a built-in camera system to record video and audio feed.

Doorbell cameras allow you to see and communicate with guests at your front door via a smartphone application or a web browser. The gadgets come in various models with different features and capabilities. Discover critical aspects to look for in a doorbell camera for your home or business.

1. Motion Detection

When video doorbells were first released, you still only knew someone was at your front door when they pressed the doorbell. This is still true with many models on the market. A doorbell camera with motion detection capability alerts you whenever the sensors detect movement. The safety feature is critical because you can see who is at your front door even if they don't ring the bell.

2. Artificial Intelligence

The best doorbell cameras come not only with motion detection, but with sensors that can differentiate between the movements of people, animals or objects. These sophisticated security cameras notify you of important activity, without constantly disturbing you with useless alerts. And they can be set to only start recording when they detect human activity, which saves storage space.

3. Cloud Storage

The footage a doorbell camera records must go somewhere for future reference. You can keep the recordings on a hard drive or the cloud. Due to their reliability, doorbell cameras with cloud storage capabilities are perhaps the best choice. For instance, you can rest assured that the footage is safe even if a burglar destroys the device.

Cloud storage is also convenient since you can access footage anytime and anywhere with an internet connection. The feature is particularly beneficial if you plan to check your home when away on vacation. Lastly, footage in the cloud is less likely to be compromised by hackers compared to local storage. Cloud providers have state-of-the-art firewalls that hackers must bypass to access data.

4. Two-Way Communication

A doorbell camera with two-way audio capability allows you to communicate with the person at your door. The doorbell camera features a speaker and a microphone system, which you can use when away from home.

For example, you can talk to a delivery person and issue instructions on where you want them to leave your package. Additionally, you can save guests' time by informing them you are away from home, especially if they think you are around.

The two-way audio capability is also helpful when you don't have to walk to the front door to talk to a visitor. For example, if you are bedridden, a two-way communication doorbell camera allows you to communicate with a guest without appearing rude.

However, ensure the device's audio system has noise-canceling technology to help reduce background noise. The feature improves overall audio quality, especially if you live in a noisy neighborhood.

5. Security Integration

Top of the line doorbell cameras like those from DFW Security are seamlessly integrated into the home’s alarm system and smartphone app. That enables additional safety and convenience features that work alongside the video doorbell. For example, while talking through the doorbell camera, you can lock or unlock doors, open or close garage doors or arm and disarm the home security system depending on the situation.

6. Weatherproof Design

Since a doorbell camera is outside, it has exposure to weather elements such as rain, snow, and extreme temperatures, especially in Texas. Therefore, a device that cannot withstand various conditions is more likely to get damaged. A weatherproof doorbell camera will better resist the elements, last longer and provide more value for the money.

A front doorbell camera improves a home's overall security and the convenience of handling visitors and service providers. Therefore, if you need a doorbell camera for your new home, contact us for professional advice, installation, and maintenance.

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