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2 Gig

2 Gig Go Control
2 Gig Go Control *
2 Gig GC3
2 Gig GC3 *


Qolsys IQ2
Qolsys IQ2 *
Qolsys IQ
Qolsys IQ *

Traditional working, compatible systems can be monitored by DFW Security for as little as $15.95 per month with purchase of a wireless LTE communicator. Systems that have been” locked out” by a previous alarm company may require additional purchase. * SMART Systems can be "dumbed down" and monitored wirelessly for $19.95 per month without mobile app access or smart features.


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Trust our licensed professionals to make sure your alarm system is working right. Our experienced background-checked technicians will check all existing wiring and components, make minor repairs as needed, inform you of anything that isn’t working, and connect it all to our 5-diamond rated alarm monitoring center. Once the system has been tested and you’ve been fully trained, we’ll be on our way and your home will be safe and secure.  

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