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Compatible Systems

If you have a working compatible system, DFW Security can provide 5-diamond rated alarm monitoring from $12.95 per month, or wireless monitoring from $16.95 per month with purchase of an Uplink. If your existing system is manufactured by one of the companies shown below, it is compatible. View some common models below, or call us if you need help.<br

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Working, compatible systems can be monitored by DFW Security for $12.95 per month with a standard landline telephone, or for $16.95 per month with purchase of a Uplink wireless communicator. Systems that have been” locked out” by a previous alarm company may require additional purchase. 


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DFW Security offers Alarm Monitoring from $12.95/mo, smart security systems, home automation, video monitoring, energy management and more.
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Having DFW Security means you'll never have to worry about what is going on at home when you aren’t there.
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Protect and Automate your home with Smart Door Locks.
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