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A Mobile App For Your Overhead Garage Door

Garage Door

Open and close your garage door from anywhere in the world with the click of a button on your mobile device or internet connected computer. You can also quickly view the door’s status (Is it open or closed right now?) and history (What time was it opened and closed?).

Home Automation

DFW Security’s Garage Door feature integrates seamlessly with your smart security system and other home automation services for increased convenience and time savings. Program your system to react to the customized triggers you determine. For example, set up your system to automatically close the garage door when the security system is armed, or turn the lights on when the garage door opens.

 Alerts & Reminders

Garage Door Alert

Did I remember to close the garage door?

You will never have to wonder again! You can check the status of your garage door anytime on your mobile device, and open or close it with the click of a button, with DFW Security’s garage door add-on.

You can also receive text or email alerts to the devices you specify when the garage door opens or closes – every time, by anyone, or only during certain hours by certain people.

Adding Garage Doors to your smart security system is sure to add a new level of convenience and efficiency. Call to get started today.


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