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Get Peace of Mind With A Home Security System   Fort Worth

It seems everywhere you look these days there is a celebration of fear. Fear of zombies, vampires, ghouls and witches is rampant, but real fear is no joke. No one wants to be afraid in their own home.

Peace of MindPeace of mind is the ability to SLEEP SECURE at night knowing the people and things you love are protected. DFW Security can provide that serenity with a home security system Fort Worth. Our interactive alarm systems now integrate with your home’s lights, locks, thermostats, garage doors and cameras to keep you informed on the go.

Burglars aren’t the only thing homeowner’s fear.

Peace of mind is knowing your family members are safe, right where they belong.

Program your home security system Fort Worth to send you a text message or email on your smart phone any time an event occurs in your home you want to know about. Make sure your children get home safe from school. Know if your teenager tries to sneak out a window, when an aging parent opens the front door, or when someone accesses a restricted area like the safe or liquor cabinet.

Add video to your alarm system for even more peace of mind. Watch your loved ones in the home live on your mobile device or easily review recorded video.

A home security system Fort Worth allows you to BE FREE to focus on living life instead of worrying.

At DFW Security, our mission is “To provide value and peace of mind to our community and employees.”

Peace of mind is the ability to RELAX. Call DFW Security and start relaxing today. (855) 840-1295


Get Convenience With A Home Security System     Fort Worth

While DFW Security is best known for our affordable alarm monitoring starting at $12.95 per month, we also install quality alarm systems with convenient smart phone apps and versatile home automation features. Our current favorite is the 2 Gig security system with a built-in wireless communicator, so no home phone is needed. It also boasts a secure crash & smash prevention feature and 2 Way Voice for faster police response.

Your Smart Phone Controls Your:






Garage Doors

And More!

Now, if you leave town and forget to lock a door, set your alarm, or turn the thermostat down – no problem! You can easily take care of it from your mobile phone, no matter where you are. Best of all, you can truly relax knowing your home is protected from burglary and fire emergencies while you are away.

DFW Security’s 2 Gig home security system Fort Worth is fully customizable with an easy-to-use website for programming the system to work just the way you like it. Set it up to send you a text message every time the front door is unlocked, or a reminder if you forget to arm the system when you leave. Establish custom heating and cooling schedules, and make sure your cameras record the activity you want to see based on motion in a certain area or a system event trigger.

Alarm monitoring for a home security system Fort Worth means someone is watching your home 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. DFW Security’s monitoring center is rated the same or higher as the companies that charge $40 per month or more, with a 5-diamond ranking from the C.S.A.A.

If you already have a home security system,

These 5 things can make your home security system STOP WORKING.

Not-to-DoOur service department periodically receives calls from customers who have unknowingly caused their alarm system to stop working. Read on to avoid 5 common mistakes homeowners make that render their home security system useless.

DON’T:   Unplug Your Alarm System.

That funny looking thing plugged into an outlet in your closet, garage or attic is probably the power transformer for your entire home security system Fort Worth. If you unplug it, your alarm will run off the battery for a little while, but then it’s kaput.

DON’T:   Change Phone Service Without Notifying Your Alarm Company.

In many cases, changing the type of phone service at your home can prevent the alarm system from communicating properly, or at all. Depending on the switch you’re making, you might need a technician to come to your home and re-program your home security system Fort Worth. The best remedy is to select wireless alarm monitoring, which is independent of your phone service.

DON’T:   Ignore Beeping or Unusual Lights on the Keypad.

Most security systems beep intermittently when there is a problem. If you are not sure why your alarm system is beeping, call your alarm company so they can help diagnose the problem. If there are different lights showing on your keypad than what you’re used to, they could signal a problem such as an open zone, low battery, communication error, or bigger issue.

DON’T:   Replace Doors or Windows Without Notifying Your Alarm Company.

If you have hardwired alarm sensors on your doors or windows, and you replace them, the sensors may stop working. Your alarm company can give instructions to the door or window company to make sure the wires and contacts are preserved and can be reconnected after the new doors/windows are installed.

DON’T:   Skip Monthly Tests.

In just a couple of minutes, you can test your home security system Fort Worth to make sure it is working properly, and communicating with the monitoring station. Call your alarm company and ask them to put your account in test mode. Then set it off, call back and make sure signals were received.

Alarm systems are generally reliable and have very few problems. Make sure you avoid any of the above issues, and you should be able to enjoy a trouble-free home security system for many years.