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All Mobile AppsWhether you have an existing home security system Plano you want to upgrade, or you are looking to install a new alarm system, DFW Security has a solution to fulfill your needs, and fit in your budget. From the simplest alarm system to an advanced smart system with home automation, the best options at the prices are here. We also provide C.S.A.A. 5 diamond rated alarm monitoring from only $12.95 per month.

Home Security is Evolving

Home protection technology has changed a lot in the past 5 years, making systems

more reliable, more useful and even more fun.

The Old Way

In the past, security systems only communicated one way with the alarm monitoring center and only when there was an alarm. They used a traditional landline home phone to transmit signals. An operator at the central station would call your home phone to verify if the alarm was false then dispatch the police if necessary. These alarm systems were helpful as long as you remembered to set them, and as long as your telephone line was working. Unfortunately, some smart burglars learned they could cut the phone line outside the home before breaking in, preventing the home security system Plano from notifying anyone. In addition, many burglars simply broke in and destroyed the alarm system immediately so it couldn’t make noise or call anyone.

Sadly, many homes and businesses are still using these old fashioned systems and don’t even realize their limitations. At DFW Security, we want you to know your options so you can make an educated decision. If you decide a traditional alarm system is still for you, we will gladly support your decision and provide the best Plano alarm monitoring available.

The New Waybubbles

Wireless technology has made it possible for security systems to communicate with the alarm monitoring station without a landline home phone. Cellular transmitters are now available to be added to your old home security system Plano, or are built-in to some new systems like our 2 GIG smart security system. The wireless communicators are dedicated to the alarm system only. They operate on the same networks as cellular telephones and are able to utilize any available cell towers. Because a data signal requires much less signal strength than a voice call, even homes in areas with weak coverage can be optimized for reliable alarm transmission.

Smart security systems communicate in 2 directions rather than just one like old home security systems. Because they don’t have to be armed to send information to the monitoring center, you can monitor the activity of all sensors (like doors, windows and motion detectors) all the time, gathering useful information – even if an alarm never occurs.

With our 2 way voice panel, the operators at our alarm monitoring station can speak directly into your home in an emergency to verify the alarm and ensure a faster police response.

Our patented Crash & Smash Protection feature ensures no burglar is able to prevent alarm notification by disabling or destroying your home security system Plano. Because the system is being monitored constantly, our operators will know if a door is opened and will expect to see a disarm code entered shortly after when the system is armed. If a disarm code isn’t received and an alarm signal isn’t received either, a crash and smash burglary will be reported.

Manufacturers have not only solved the problems with old alarm systems, but they have added new features to simplify home management, increase efficiency and multiply awareness.

The Best WayVideo Alert

Smart security with home automation is by far the best use of your home security budget. Despite the vast array of useful features, smart security from DFW Security is surprisingly affordable. For what some Plano companies charge for just basic alarm monitoring, you can enjoy features like remote control from your smart phone, text alerts, home automation and video.

With home automation, your home security system Plano integrates with other systems in your home to provide awareness and control to make life a little easier. Below are some examples of how you can use your system to offer convenience and peace of mind. Because the system is completely customizable, you can pick and choose the options and configurations to best achieve your goals. Best of all, you can easily and quickly change them anytime you want.

  • Turn lights on and off with your iPad
  • Get a text message when you forget to arm your alarm system
  • Lock and unlock doors from your smart phone
  • Your thermostat automatically adjusts when no one is home
  • When you disarm the alarm, your door unlocks and the hall light turns on
  • When you lock the front door, all the other doors lock
  • When someone opens the back door after midnight, you get a text message with a video clip
  • You get a homeowners insurance discount for a monitored home security system Plano
  • You can watch video of your home anytime on your laptop
  • You get a text with video when your kids get home from school
  • You get an email when Grandma doesn’t open her medicine cabinet by Noon
  • You get a text when Grandpa gets out of bed after midnight and doesn’t return within an hour
  • You receive severe weather alerts on your alarm panel
  • Get a text when the garage door stays open too long. Close it from your cell phone.
  • Record video when the safe is opened
  • When there is a fire alarm, the HVAC unit turns off so the fire isn’t fed and the smoke isn’t circulated


As mentioned previously, smart security and home automation is affordable with DFW Security. Our friendly security experts can help you determine the right elements for your unique situation and design the perfect home security system Plano. For basic information, you can see what is included and what you can add. Call us for a quote. I promise you will be surprised at how affordable this amazing technology can be!


Our Smart Security System Includes:Smart Home Automation Android

Smart Control Panel

Wireless Alarm Monitoring

2 Way Communication

Crash & Smash Protection

Text / Email Alerts

3 Door or Window Sensors

Motion Detector


Smart Security Options:

Glassbreak Detector

Smoke Detector

Image Sensor

Keychain Remote

GEO Services


Home Automation Options:

Keyless Entry Door Locks

Lamp Module for Remote Lighting Control

Garage Door Kit for Smart Phone Control

Day/Night Camera

Programmable Thermostat

Wellness Medical Monitoring


If you are in the market for a home security system Plano, you can trust us to protect your home and family like they are our own. Become a part of the DFW Security family today!