Financing and Service Plans

Make Sound Financial Decisions

Easy Equipment Financing

Our most popular financing plan includes:

  • •  0% Interest 
  • •  Terms up to 60 Months
  • •  No Prepayment Penalties
  • •  Fast Approvals
  • •  Minimal Paperwork


As soon as you pay off your equipment, the finance payment goes away and you're back to one low monthly services payment!

Financing Security Equipment

Service Plans & Equipment Warranties

Platinum Protection Plan

To protect your equipment investment and financial future, a Platinum Service Plan is automatically included on all our Smart Systems. Advanced technology can require maintenance or repair to keep it running at its best. We offer professional technical support by phone, but some issues still require a technician onsite. Without a service plan, the trip fee plus charges for parts and labor can easily run hundreds of dollars per visit.

The Platinum Protection Plan is our premier warranty option, providing worry-free peace of mind for as long as you’re our customer.

  • •  $0 Trip Charge
  • •  $0 Co-Pay
  • •  $0 for Parts
  • •  $0 for Labor


Don't leave your future to chance with another company. We would hate for you to shell out hundreds or still be paying off equipment that doesn’t work properly. While our monthly rate is generally less than our competitors, you may run across some that are lower. We encourage you to investigate the quality of the service provided and if a warranty or service plan is included before making your final decision.

Free Isn't Really Free

The Old Way

For the last 30 years, home security companies have been including “free” alarm systems in their monthly monitoring rate. The customer advantage was not having to pay upfront for equipment. The downside was paying that higher monthly rate forever.

The growing popularity of a la carte DIY home technology has inspired a shift that benefits the customer. While cheap DIY security and smart home pieces are readily available on the internet, the discerning customer recognizes the benefits of a higher quality product with seamless integration, professional installation and a long-term relationship with a local security expert.

The New Way

At DFW Security, we believe customers deserve transparency, flexibility and control over their equipment purchases. We put the control in your hands, with options to customize rate, term, monthly payments, down payment and more. Once your equipment is paid off, you’ll enjoy our low rate for the highest quality professional monitoring and service. Whether you choose our financing plans, pay cash or use a personal credit card, you’ll get the best bang for your buck.

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