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Don't overpay for basic alarm monitoring in Prosper TX. Switch & Save!

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Get more for your money - smarter protection you control with your phone.

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Keep an eye on your home, kids or pets. Secure, private and hassle-free.


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Smart Security

Smart Technology

In the past, alarm systems were only useful if someone tried to break in. Today's smart security systems make life easier by keeping track of who's coming and going, reminding you to do things, and streamlining household tasks - in addition to protecting you in an emergency.

Simple to Use

Advanced technology doesn't have to be difficult. Our residential security systems for Prosper TX are designed to be easy for everyone to use.


Security is our #1 priority at DFW Security, but it is only the beginning of what our home security systems can do. Add smart devices like locks, lights, thermostats and cameras - and control it all with a single app.

Smart Security Cameras

Watch out Prosper TX

All DFW Security cameras - whether indoor, outdoor or doorbell - include day/night vision, smart phone access and 2-way audio. Tell Fido to get off the couch, Billy to do his homework, or tell that stranger to get away from your car.

Smart Notifications

No more annoying alerts every time a leaf blows by your camera. Our patented video analytics service categorizes objects by person, animal or vehicle so you only get notified when it's important. Define virtual tripwires or ground zones and customize alerts by person, animal size, vehicle movement, time of day, recipient and more.

Texas Alarm Monitoring


Count on a fast, accurate response from our Texas alarm monitoring center with customer service agents right here in the Metroplex. Our central station is UL listed and 5-diamond rated - the highest raking available.

Wireless Communication

We monitor alarm systems using a dedicated LTE cellular connection. Our smart security systems for Prosper TX are also LTE and 5G compatible, plus 6G ready.

Existing Systems

DFW Security monitors existing, working, compatible home security systems in Prosper TX from $15.95/month with purchase of a wireless alarm communicator.

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