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Integrated Solutions

Remotely control your alarm, lights, locks, thermostats, garage doors and cameras.
Opening a door can trigger lights, locks, thermostats, etc. to respond.
Save time with automatic system adjustments based on location or schedules.
Get reminded to arm your system, close your garage door and more.

Smart Security

Smart SecurityAdvanced technology for better protection. 2way wireless, tamper-resistance, alerts, etc.Learn More

How It Works

Just by locking the front door, your customized trigger can also automatically arm your security system, turn the lights off and adjust your thermostat to an energy saving temperature.

Example: Simply by disarming your system, you can create a customized trigger that automatically unlocks the front door, turns the living room lights on and adjusts the thermostat to a comfortable temperature.


See How Simple It Is


Home Automation

The purpose of home automation is not to make life more complicated, but rather to make it simple. Unfortunately, some systems on the market are confusing, bug-ridden, annoying and expensive. A smart security system should allow you to enjoy all the benefits of an automated home, along with the latest in protection technology, in a simple and affordable solution. “Making Life Simple…Safe…Smart” is what DFW Security is all about.

Automated Security

Our smart security system offers advanced protection from burglary, fire and medical emergencies. It includes the most secure wireless alarm monitoring and a patented system to stop crash and smash burglaries. 2-way communication makes for a quick and easy emergency response, and the alarm system is not affected by power outages, internet interruptions, low cellular signal strength or phone service.

Smart locks are an important part of the home automation system, allowing you to set rules for automatic ­­­­­home management functions. Set the system to lock all the doors when you arm the alarm system, or make it lock them all when you lock just one. Set the security system to disarm automatically when you unlock a door using a specific code.

One of our customer’s favorite automation settings include a sequence like this: When arming the alarm system in away mode, all the doors lock, the thermostat adjusts to an energy-saving temperature, the lights turn off, and the garage door closes 2 minutes later.

Energy Management

Home automation systems are not only for security and convenience, they can also help conserve resources. Why pay more for electricity than necessary? Control your energy costs with detailed usage tracking, custom conservation recommendations, and smart schedules. Know exactly how much energy you are using by device, in kilowatt-hours and dollars. Location-based automation allows your thermostat to adjust to an energy-saving temperature when you and your family are not at home, and readjust to a more comfortable setting just before you return. Set schedules to ensure everyone is comfortable without wasting energy, and add a smart meter for easy adjustments to save money and conserve electricity.

Mobile Apps

At the heart of the home automation system is our mobile application. Built for Apple, Android, Blackberry and Windows devices, our apps allow you to control multiple systems in your home from the same easy-to-use application.


  • Lock and Unlock Doors
  • Adjust Thermostats
  • Open and Close Garage Doors
  • Check Status
  • Review History
  • Arm and Disarm Alarm System
  • View Live and Recorded Video
  • Get Text and Email Alerts
  • Turn Lights On and Off


Our award-winning alarm mobile app is easy to use, with multiple actions available from the same screen, and access to more than one security system from the same app is possible. It is regularly updated to ensure it stays on the cutting edge, and provides the best automation option on the market.

As an added bonus, the app integrates seamlessly with our home management website. Use the website for more advanced customizations like setting up heating and cooling schedules, programming rules, modifying users, and adding a GEO fence. Use the app for day-to-day features like arming, status checks and controlling devices.


One of the biggest jobs of a home automation system is to keep you informed of activity at your location, even when you are not there. Know when doors are opened or closed, who goes in and out, and what they do when they are there. Get text messages or emails to specified mobile devices when events occur you want to know about. For example, get a text message with a video clip when your kids get home from school or when the cleaning service arrives. Get notified when a package is delivered or when a restricted area (safe, liquor cabinet, etc.) is accessed. Even if your security system isn’t armed, you can be notified of system events. In fact, you can get a reminder text when you forget to arm the alarm system, forget to close the garage door, or leave a door open or unlocked for too long.

Find out instantly when someone adjusts the thermostat, opens the fridge, unlocks a door, opens a window, rings the doorbell or turns the lights off. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the custom settings on your home automation system.


Adding video to your home automation system adds another layer of protection and awareness. Now you can view your property live anytime you want on demand. If you want to record what you’re seeing, just touch the record button on your website or mobile device.

Set the system up to record on motion, according to a schedule, based on events, or a combination of all three. Our website allows you to customize recordings, so you can see clips of the exact scenarios in which you are interested. For example, if motion occurs in the back room after midnight, or when a specific person uses their code to unlock the front door. Any time there is an alarm, your cameras will automatically record before, during and after the alarm. Notifications allow you to receive a text message or email with a video clip attached when there is an alarm or any other time you specify. Smart video means you will always know what is happening at your property, helping you keep it and your family safe.

Home Automation is Surprisingly Affordable

You may think all these wonderful features should cost thousands, but you will be amazed at how affordable smart home automation really is. For barely more than most home security companies charge for just alarm monitoring, you can have a system with superior protection and spectacular convenience. For an exact quote, call our customer service reps and find out how little it can cost to make your home a smart home. Our trained experts can help you design a system with the equipment and services that work best for your home and family, at a price that fits easily into your budget. Let home automation make your life simple…safe…smart.