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Even if you’ve looked into home solar before, now is a great time to take another look. With improvements in technology, new manufacturers, lower costs on solar panels and more financing options, residential solar systems are better than ever before.

Free Consultation

Schedule an online virtual consultation with a home solar expert and get a quote. The representative will evaluate your home’s design, direction, roof pitch and shading to determine the appropriate type, number and size of solar panels needed. They will help you consider your options based on your energy needs and budget and will show you what the solar panels will look like on your roof.

Solar Financing

Explore competitive financing options with a simple application process to take advantage of tax rebates. Get customized options tailored to your unique needs.

Solar System Installation

Once a design is agreed upon, exact measurements will be taken and a plan will be drawn up. Our team will apply for local building permits and schedule an installation date.

Skilled technicians will install the system according to the required specifications so you can begin saving money as soon as possible. We are dedicated to providing a smooth installation process with communication along each step of the way to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Why Solar?

There are many benefits to installing solar energy at your house from doing your part to preserve the environment to simply saving money on your energy bill.

  • -Reduce Carbon Emissions
  • -Increase Home Value
  • -Lower or No Electric Bill
  • -Tax Credits & Rebates
  • -Protection During Power Outages
  • -Sell Power Back to the Grid
  • -Store Energy in a Home Solar Battery

Why DFW?

Finding the right solar company can be challenging. DFW Security has fully vetted and chosen a trusted partner that we are willing to stake our reputation on. By staying involved in the process we can ensure that our customers are well taken care of with a fair price, simple design process and smooth solar panel installation.

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