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DFW Security offers two options for monitoring the well-being of your loved one. One is a traditional panic button that is worn on a chain or watch, or it can be mounted. When the button is pressed, our monitoring center is notified and emergency medical help can be dispatched.  The second option is the more advanced wellness medical monitoring, where we analyze activity, alert you when necessary, automate daily tasks and give you remote access to the home. Learn more about both options below.

The Medical Panic Button

2 Gig Panel 2 Way Voice

Whether DFW Security installs your home security system, or you have an existing alarm system, there is a medical panic button on the keypad. When the button is pressed, even if the system is not armed, a signal is sent to DFW Security’s central monitoring station. Our certified operators then dispatch the medical response authorities to your home. DFW Security will also alert the emergency contacts you provide that there has been a medical alarm. This feature is included in all packages at no additional charge. If you have a smart security system, the operator will also be able to speak directly into the home – no phones necessary.


Wellness Medical Monitoring

For even more peace of mind, choose our Wellness Medical Monitoring package. With activity monitoring, text alerts, living patterns, automation and even video, it is the most comprehensive solution to protect your loved one at their home when you can’t be there.

DFW Security’s Wellness feature includes a panic button for the wall, wrist or neck, and operators who can speak directly into the home and dispatch emergency personnel if needed. The button however, is only a small part of what Wellness has to offer. It can also analyze activity, alert you when necessary, automate daily tasks and give you remote access to the home. Make sure your loved one gets help when they need it, even they can’t (or don’t remember to) push the button.

Activity Monitoring

Want to know if Dad got out of bed this morning? Want to make sure Mom went to the kitchen to get breakfast? Wellness medical monitoring can help you monitor daily activity. Monitor how much time is spent in bed, in a favorite chair or out of the house. Know when your loved one opens the fridge, and when they access the medicine cabinet. When an anomaly occurs that might signify a problem, get notified in an instant. With strategically-placed sensors and our award-winning mobile application, you can be aware, even when you’re not there.

Instant Notifications

Find out right away if something is out of the ordinary. Push notifications, text messages or emails can be sent instantly to the contacts you specify when a trigger occurs. For example, if someone gets out of bed in the middle of the night but doesn’t return within an hour, we can send you a text. Or if a door is left open or unlocked. If you add video and cameras or an image sensor, we can add a photo or video clip to the message too.

Video Monitoring

Video Camera Alarm SystemAdd cameras to view live streaming video on your phone, tablet or computer. Record based on system event triggers, motion and/or schedule. Easily search a library of clips, and play them back on your mobile device. Strategically placed cameras can help you keep an eye on your loved one so they can live independently at home longer.

Simplify Daily Tasks

Automate settings for temperature, light and security to take the pressure off a forgetful family member. Customize rules and schedules to ensure the most comfortable environment and efficient performance. Control lights, door locks, thermostats, garage doors and the alarm system from your smart phone or other mobile device with our Smart Home Automation packages.

The Wearable Pendant

Another available feature with DFW Security is the monitored medical alert pendant. For a small one-time charge, DFW can add a wireless medical alert pendant to your home security system, whether it is a traditional alarm system or a smart security system. The medical pendant can be worn around the neck or on the wrist, depending on which type you decide to purchase. If the panic button on the pendant is pressed, DFW Security will respond quickly by dispatching an ambulance to your home, and contacting the emergency call list you provide.

If you have an existing compatible alarm system in working order, we can provide professional alarm monitoring in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex for only $12.95 per month. Our 5-diamond rated monitoring services include monitoring a medical pendant and keypad panic button at no additional cost. Other security companies in the Dallas Fort Worth area offer the same medical alert response service for $40 per month or more. DFW Security believes in giving our customers the best possible price, therefore our alarm monitoring, even with the added medical alert response, is still only $12.95 per month. If you upgrade to Smart Security for an additional monthly fee, you can combine the benefits of the medical pendant described above, plus the added benefit of Two Way Communication. This means a monitoring agent can speak directly into the home in an emergency to determine the type of help needed, no phones needed.

Customized Solutions

The bottom line is that we care about what you care about. Let us help you design a package that ensures your loved ones will have the help they need. Our experienced consultants can help you choose the elements and create a custom solution that works perfectly for you. Call today.