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alarmAffordable Alarm Monitoring Dallas

Everyone knows budgets can be tight this time of year, but with burglaries on the rise, home security isn’t the right thing to leave off your shopping list. Thankfully, alarm monitoring Dallas doesn’t have to cost a fortune to keep you sufficiently protected. Even Home Automation costs less with DFW Security.

Never Sacrifice Quality

Our alarm monitoring center is U.L. Listed and 5-Diamond Rated by the C.S.A.A., the highest ratings a central station can achieve. Other Dallas alarm monitoring companies offer the exact same or even inferior service, they just charge you more for it. We believe in providing our customer’s the best value for their dollar, whether it be for monitoring, alarm system installation, or smart home automation.

No Home Phone Needed

Compared to the $30 or $40 per month most phone companies charge for a landline home phone, the extra $4 we charge for wireless alarm monitoring is nothing. Plus, you get the added benefit of a more secure form of monitoring.

Who Doesn’t Want Lower Household Expenses?

Most home security companies charge upwards of $30 for the exact same alarm monitoring Dallas that DFW Security offers. At $12.95 or $16.95 per month, you will have plenty of extra dough to put toward the rest of your household budget. Drop your home phone line to save even more. Reduce energy costs by upgrading to Smart Security with Energy Management, and get up to a 20% discount on your homeowners insurance just for having a monitored alarm system.

Easy Insurance Discounts

With insurance prices constantly going up, everyone is looking for new ways to save money on their premiums. Unfortunately, many of the discounts available are complicated and cost a lot to implement. Alarm monitoring Dallas is easy, inexpensive and boasts great improvements to your standard of living.

Some homeowners insurance discounts you really can’t control unless you buy a new home – like the discount for living in a gated community, living close to a fire department, in a neighborhood with a homeowner’s association or on-site security guards. Newer homes receive lower rates than older homes.

The multi-line discount is easy to take advantage of, if you want to use the same company for your homeowners and car or life insurance. Another way to save is to quit smoking. Non-smokers pay less for all types of insurance than smokers. You can also pay less if you have a claims-free history, so you may want to think twice before you submit that small claim to the insurance company.

If you are willing to spend the money, you can earn homeowners insurance discounts for upgrading your home. Save for installing impact resistant roofing, or re-wiring an older home with all new wiring.

By far the easiest homeowners insurance discounts to earn are for alarm monitoring Dallas and fire protection. Save up to 20% on your annual premium and pay as little as $12.95 per month for monitoring with DFW Security. Add monitored smoke detectors for a bigger discount. The fire department will be dispatched in an instant if needed, and you won’t have to lift a finger.

So Many Choices

Monitored home alarm systems are more common in Dallas than other cities and states. There are several reasons. First, a higher percentage of the population own homes in Dallas than in other places, due to reasonable home prices. Second, there are more new homes in Dallas than in most other major cities. Alarm monitoring Dallas is popular because most of these newer homes come equipped with a home security system already installed, or at least the wiring for an alarm system. This is called a “pre-wired” home. In many cases all the wires have been run to the doors and windows, for the master control panel, and for one or more keypads. DFW Security can install the home security components and begin Dallas alarm monitoring in your pre-wired home for only $12.95 per month with a standard landline home phone, and $16.95 per month for wireless alarm monitoring.

Another reason alarm monitoring Dallas is so popular is because insurance companies offer a discount on homeowners insurance for having a monitored home security system. Since homeowners insurance prices are somewhat higher in Dallas-Fort Worth, the discounts are higher – 10% to 20% of the annual premium, depending on the company. Since alarm monitoring begins at $12.95 a month with DFW Security, your insurance discount could pay for your monitoring, or at least cover most of the cost.

Because Dallas alarm monitoring is so common, or as a result of it, Dallas-Fort Worth has more home security companies than most other major cities. How do you choose the right alarm monitoring company? You look at price, reputation, and monitoring quality. DFW Security has the best price at $12.95 a month. DFW Security has an excellent reputation. Insurance Agents all over the Metroplex recommend us to their clients every day. DFW Security’s alarm monitoring is U.L. Listed and 5-diamond rated by the CSAA. DFW Security is by far the right choice for home security and alarm monitoring Dallas.


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DFW Security offers Alarm Monitoring from $12.95/mo, smart security systems, home automation, video monitoring, energy management and more.
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Did you know simply having a home security system can lower your home insurance premium by up to 20%? Save money and have peace of mind with DFW Security.
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