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Wireless Alarm MonitoringSo Many Choices

Even if you’ve only been shopping for alarm monitoring Plano for 5 minutes, you have probably noticed there are a lot of security companies to choose from. In fact, there are close to 200 home security companies operating in the Plano area. It can be overwhelming to find the right one. Not only are there many factors to consider when selecting a company, but there are also numerous options for types and levels of alarm monitoring for your home or business. Hopefully this page will help you sort out some of those options and select the service that is right for you.

Choose Quality

Most reputable monitoring centers are evaluated and rated by the Central Station Alarm Association, or C.S.A.A. The inspection includes checking for reliability, response time, quality of equipment used, training and competence of employees, backup procedures, backup facilities and overall efficiency. The alarm monitoring centers are then rated on a scale from 1 to 5 diamonds, 5 being the highest. Once a company has received its initial rating, annual evaluations are conducted in order for the rating to be maintained. DFW Security’s alarm monitoring center is currently, and has always been, rated 5 diamonds – signifying its superior quality.

Choose a Great Price

save money alarm monitoringAn important factor to consider when choosing alarm monitoring Plano is price. No one wants to pay too much for anything, especially not a monthly recurring charge. At DFW Security, we believe in providing the best possible value, with high quality equipment and services at a price that’s more than fair. Alarm monitoring with a landline starts at just $12.95 per month, with wireless monitoring at just $16.95 per month. Couple that with the discount you’ll receive on your homeowner’s insurance premium and you may just put money back in your pocket each month.

Choose Reliability

While landline monitoring is the cheapest option at $12.95 per month, it may not be the most reliable for some homeowners in Plano. Smart burglars know your home phone line can be cut outside the home before they break in, preventing the alarm system from communicating. Upgrading to wireless alarm monitoring Plano eliminates that vulnerability, since an alarm cellular communicator is dedicated to sending alarm transmissions even when there is no phone line, no power, and no internet. Only a very weak cellular signal is needed, so this is a great option for 99% of our customers.

For the ultimate in reliability, many of our customers choose Smart Security. With our patented Crash & Smash Protection feature, our operators will be notified of an alarm emergency even if the security system is damaged or completely destroyed.

Android AppChoose More

While alarm monitoring Plano and protection from burglary, fire and medical emergencies will always be our first priority, modern security systems can do so much more. Add home automation to your smart security system and enjoy control of your alarm, lights, locks, thermostats, garage doors, appliances and cameras from your mobile device. Save money on your electric bills with energy management. Get text and email alerts, watch live and recorded video with video monitoring, even monitor an elderly person’s activity so they can safely live at home longer with wellness. We help make home management more convenient, more secure and more efficient. In fact, our slogan at DFW Security is “Making Life Simple…Safe…Smart.”

Choose LocalAlarm Monitoring Plano Texas

Isn’t it nice to know the money you spend on alarm monitoring Plano helps the community you live in? Our customers and employees live in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, and our headquarters are in Hurst. We love Texas as much as you do, and we want to do our part to make it better. We enjoy participating in community projects, partnering with non-profits, making charitable donations and providing jobs in DFW.

Choose DFW Security

As I mentioned previously, there are hundreds of home security companies to choose from. We believe DFW Security stands out from the crowd when it comes to alarm monitoring Plano. We are independently owned and local, so we don’t have to jump through hoops to please anyone but our customers (no shareholders).

We are big enough to provide the best products and services at great prices, yet small enough to offer personal attention and excellent customer service. Many of those other companies I mentioned are 2-man operations working out of their home and selling their customers to big companies known for their horrible customer service.

Cable and phone companies, and even retail and big box stores, are beginning to offer home security and alarm monitoring Plano. At DFW Security, we have been providing security and only security for over 20 years. Our attention, expertise and resources are not divided. We are 100% dedicated to protecting homes and families. Won’t you trust us to protect yours?


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DFW Security offers Alarm Monitoring from $12.95/mo, smart security systems, home automation, video monitoring, energy management and more.
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DFW SecurityFriday, December 15th, 2017 at 1:53pm
Keeping your home running smoothly has never been easier than with a Home Automation system from DFW Security!
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An App for Everything
With DFW Security, one mobile application controls everything in your home - from lights and thermostats, to locks, your alarm, garage doors and more.
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DFW SecurityWednesday, December 13th, 2017 at 2:27am
We love when we can give a shout out to our awesome employees! Matt had some wonderful things to say about our Installation Technician, Hugo Ayala! Thanks, Matt, and great work, Hugo! #TestimonialTuesday
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With Home Automation from DFW Security, the ease of managing your lights and thermostat from your phone can help reduce those holiday energy bills!
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