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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is your monitoring rate so low?

We strive to keep our overhead low so we can provide the same 5-diamond rated monitoring as other companies for a fraction of the cost. Thanks to our low prices and commitment to excellent customer service, our customers stay with us for a long time, and they refer their friends and family.

How soon can my system be installed?

Most installation or activation appointments are scheduled in less than one week. Technicians are scheduled to arrive between 9am – 12pm or 1pm – 4pm, Monday to Saturday.

Do you provide a warranty?

Yes! For only a few dollars per month, you can purchase an extended service plan good for as long as you are monitored by DFW Security. The plan covers all parts and labor, with NO TRIP CHARGE! The only repairs not included are batteries, damage caused by the customer, or damage that is covered by your homeowner’s insurance like lightning or fire.

Is my rate guaranteed?

Yes! We know that a low rate and quality service will keep you as our customer for a long time. Unless the government raises taxes or other regulatory fees, we guarantee your rate will remain the same for the term of your agreement.

What happens if I move?

If you move within DFW’s service area, we can transfer your service to your new home or business. Or, if the new owner signs a new agreement with DFW, you will be released from yours. Because our monitoring rate is so low, most owners are happy to use our service. For more details, call (877) 372-0350.

What if I have bad credit?famliy-on-floor

We can still help you! A one-time activation fee will be required, depending on your beacon credit score. The monthly rate is still $12.95 for basic landline monitoring, or $16.95 for basic cellular monitoring.

What if I don’t own my home?

If you are renting or leasing your home, the homeowner will need to be involved. We can program the user codes and set up the emergency contact list for the tenant, as well as draft payments from the tenant’s bank account, but our agreement will be with the actual owner of the home.

What if I am under contract with another company?

We understand you are excited to switch to DFW, but please pay off or fulfill any agreements with other companies prior to starting our service. Most companies have an automatic renewal clause, so even though you completed your initial term, you may still be under agreement.

How do I know if my existing alarm system is compatible?

Click here for a list of compatible systems.

How do I know if my phone service is compatible?

A regular telephone line is required for landline alarm monitoring at $12.95 per month. VOIP or Internet phones are not compatible. DFW can add an Uplink cellular communicator to your alarm for a one-time equipment purchase, and monitor your home or business for $16.95 per month if you do not have compatible phone service. You can also upgrade to Smart Security, which includes a built-in dedicated cellular communicator and does not require a landline.

Not Compatible – Vonage, Magic Jack, Time Warner

Compatible – Uverse*, AT&T*, One Source*

*You must subscribe to their home phone service.

How do I know if my smoke detectors can be monitored?

Most homes DO NOT have smoke detectors that can be monitored. If your existing alarm system includes monitored photoelectric smoke detectors, we may be able to monitor them if they are up to code. The Texas Fire Marshal requires that if any changes are made to an existing system, the fire equipment and wiring must meet current fire code requirements. In many cases extra equipment and/or wiring may be required. DFW does not monitor commercial fire systems. For more information on fire systems, click here.

What is Smart Security?

A smart security system includes 3 main features that distinguish it from a traditional alarm system – a mobile app with alerts and notifications, wireless monitoring of all activity (not just alarms), and the ability to speak directly with the monitoring center through your keypad. Learn more about the advantages of Smart Security here.

What is included with Smart Home Automation?

Smart Home Automation always includes a Smart Security System that can be customized to fit your specific needs. You can choose to add locks, lights, cameras, and/or thermostats, with the ability to control them from a single mobile app. You can also add alarm components, garage door control, and/or a doorbell camera. Call our friendly experts to help you design the perfect system for your unique situation.

Do I need a permit for my city?

Almost all cities require an alarm permit. Contact your local police department to find out how to apply. Alarm permits are the customer’s responsibility and are at the customer’s expense. Click here to browse our library of permit forms.

How can I get a User Manual for my system?

Browse our library of User Manuals for systems commonly installed in the Dallas Fort Worth area here.

How can I pay my bill?

To ensure the lowest rate, an ACH automatic draft from your checking or savings account will be processed on the 3rd business day of the month. An additional charge will apply for credit card or invoice billing. If you would like to pay your bill online now, click here.