Wireless Alarm Monitoring

A Reliable and Secure Solution for Protecting your Home or Business
Superior Protection

Advanced Cellular Monitoring

No Home Phone Needed

With more and more homeowners moving away from a traditional home phone line, wireless alarm monitoring offers a smart alternative for protecting your home or small business that is both secure and reliable. Our wireless transmitter is dedicated to your security system and allows it to communicate with our monitoring center over the cellular network. 

Why Wireless is Better

Wireless alarm monitoring is more secure than traditional, because it ensures alarm transmission even if your phone line is cut, a cell tower goes down, or internet service is interrupted. Our wireless communicator is dedicated to the security system alone, has its own power supply, and isn’t dependent on internet service. Choose Smart Security with built-in wireless monitoring, or we can add a cellular communicator to your existing alarm system. 

Works Almost Anywhere

Our wireless communicator works almost anywhere in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Even if cellular phone service at your property is weak, data transmissions require much less signal strength than voice calls. Our expert installers will select the best network provider at your home or business to ensure a strong connection. An alarm system with cellular monitoring can utilize multiple cell towers and switch as necessary without technician intervention.

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Upgrade to SMART Security

Better Technology = Better Protection

Our SMART Security system boasts a 7” touchscreen, 2-way communication, a built-in glassbreak detector, a keypad camera, Bluetooth touchless disarming, GEO fencing and more! And don’t forget our award-winning mobile app! All these features combine to make your home truly safe and smart. 

Do More with Your Security System

A security system shouldn’t just be a noisemaker. With our SMART Security Hub and Mobile App you can manage your whole home in the palm of your hand, while making it exponentially more safe and secure. Manage lights and thermostats, control garage doors, view cameras and more. It’s your world in your hand. 

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