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DFW Security has the Best Value in Wireless Alarm Monitoring Dallas.

Wireless Alarm Monitoring DallasHave you noticed fewer and fewer people have home phones? It seems landlines are quickly becoming a thing of the past, and those who haven’t dropped their home phone are thinking about it. Why pay $30 per month or more for something you hardly use? Some people are keeping theirs simply so their security system can be monitored.

Unfortunately, some home security companies are capitalizing on this trend and charging a lot of money for cellular alarm monitoring and wireless communicators. With DFW Security, you still pay only $16.95 per month for wireless alarm monitoring Dallas. You can choose a system with the wireless communicator built-in, or we can attach an Uplink cellular communicator to your existing system.

Whether you choose to get rid of your home phone or not, wireless alarm monitoring is definitely the most secure way to monitor your security system. A traditional landline can be cut by a clever burglar outside the home, preventing an alarm signal from being sent to the monitoring center. Security systems with wireless monitoring aren’t vulnerable to being cut, and modern technology ensures even greater protection with interactive monitoring.

The absolute best way to secure your home is with a smart security system from DFW Security. It comes standard with interactive wireless monitoring, 2 way voice for faster police response, crash & smash prevention, and a smart phone app for easy access. It also supports home automation functions like remote operation of lights, locks, thermostats, cameras and appliances from a smart phone or tablet. As expected, smart security costs less when you choose DFW Security for wireless alarm monitoring Dallas. To learn more, visit our Smart Home Automation page.

DFW Security’s monitoring center is rated 5-diamonds by the C.S.A.A. and is U.L. Listed, the highest ratings an alarm company can achieve. You don’t have to sacrifice quality for a great price. Call (855) 840-1295 to get started today.

Why Wireless Alarm Monitoring Dallas?

wireless alarm monitoring Dallas TX

Why is wireless monitoring the best protection for your home and family? Sometimes people confuse wireless alarm monitoring with wireless alarm systems. Wireless alarm monitoring Dallas refers to the way the system communicates with the security company. They can use a standard home phone line, the cellular network, or an internet phone line. Note: DFW Security does not recommend using an internet phone line for monitoring since they are so unreliable. A standard phone line is vulnerable since it can easily be cut outside the home. Cellular monitoring is by far the most secure option.

Some other benefits:

  • If you change phone companies, it doesn’t affect your alarm system.
  • If you change your type of phone service, like from digital to internet, it doesn’t affect your alarm system.
  • If you don’t have a home phone, it doesn’t affect your alarm system.
  • Crafty burglars know how to cut the phone line outside the home before breaking in. With wireless monitoring, there are no wires to be cut.
  • DFW Security only charges $16.95 per month for wireless alarm monitoring Dallas.


We offer both wireless security systems and wireless alarm monitoring Dallas and the surrounding areas.

A wireless alarm system can be installed in half the time compared to a traditional hardwired security system, and since the wireless communicator is built-in, there is no additional transmitter to purchase. Our experienced technicians choose the best available network where your home is located, and ensure you have a strong signal that can be trusted in an emergency. Our systems are also expandable to include smart phone control of the alarm, lights, door locks, thermostats, garage doors and video. They can be customized to make your life infinitely easier. And because we are DFW Security, the price will fit well within your budget.

No Home Phone Needed


As more and more people are ditching their home phone line, the need for wireless alarm monitoring continues to increase. DFW Security provides the most affordable wireless alarm monitoring in Dallas Fort Worth at only $16.95 per month. So if you haven’t already, get rid of your home phone, switch to DFW Security, and save yourself some money each month.

Wireless alarm monitoring is actually more secure than traditional landline monitoring, since there is no phone line vulnerable to being cut by an intruder. So even if you have a home phone, wireless alarm monitoring Dallas is a safer option. And since it is only $4 more per month than our landline monitoring, and still much cheaper than other home security system companies, there’s no reason not to upgrade.

If you have an existing compatible security system, DFW Security can install a wireless transmitter to activate wireless alarm monitoring Dallas. Your alarm will then communicate with our C.S.A.A. 5-diamond rated alarm monitoring station via the cellular network. In an emergency situation, your alarm system will notify our operators immediately so they can dispatch the police, fire department, or ambulance.

If you don’t currently have a security system in your home or small business, or you would like to upgrade, DFW Security can install one with a built-in wireless transmitter.  Our most popular security system is the 2 Gig with Smart Home Automation. Your cell phone can control your alarm, lights, locks, thermostat, cameras and more. The 2 Gig also has 2-way voice for the most rapid verified response from the police, and easiest way to communicate with the monitoring center.

When searching for wireless alarm monitoring Dallas, DFW Security offers the highest quality security systems and monitoring at the lowest price. Make DFW Security your alarm monitoring company today. Call (855) 840-1295 or email sales@nulldfwsecurity.com.