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Wireless Alarm Monitoring Fort Worth Pros & Cons

wireless alarm monitoring Dallas TXWhen searching for wireless alarm monitoring Fort Worth, you should consider several factors before making your final decision. Is wireless really the best choice for your home and family or small business? Only you can ultimately decide, but below are some Pros and Cons to (hopefully) help make your decision a bit easier.


When I make comparisons, I like to start with the bad news first, so I’ll start here with the CONs. Wireless alarm monitoring costs $16.95 per month. That may sound like a PRO, and compared with the price offered by any other home security company, it is a total bargain. But…it’s not free, so I’m putting it on the con side. The second CON is reliance on a cellular network not controlled by “We The People”. While the cellular networks are constantly improving, there is always the possibility the government could seize control of all the cellular towers in our country and shut them down. Highly unlikely, but I needed something for the CON column.


There are quite a few entries for the PRO column, so I’ll just jump right in. First, wireless alarm monitoring Fort Worth doesn’t require a home phone line. Most people don’t have home phones anymore, so that is a big benefit. No one wants to pay for something they don’t even use. Second, wireless monitoring means your home will be protected from burglary, fire and medical emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Third, you will qualify for up to a 20% discount on your homeowner’s insurance premium. That savings could even pay for your monthly monitoring bill! (Remember, it is only $16.95 per month at DFW Security.) Only a very weak signal is required for monitoring data to be transmitted, and our home security system can jump from tower to tower as needed, so cellular monitoring is considered extremely reliable. Lastly, since there are no wires with wireless alarm monitoring Fort Worth, they can’t be cut by a burglar trying to interrupt the alarm signal from being sent to the central station.

Overall, wireless monitoring falls heavily on the positive side. The reasons not to choose it are pretty much irrelevant, so why not get started today?

Why Go Wireless?

Just read over the PROS column above and you will have plenty of reasons to choose wireless alarm monitoring Fort Worth. Here’s a summary:

  1. AffordableWireless Alarm Monitoring  Fort Worth
  2. Phone line not required
  3. Protection from burglary, fire and medical emergencies
  4. Discount on homeowner’s insurance
  5. Reliable communication
  6. Very little signal strength required
  7. Unaffected by power outages or internet downtime
  8. Not vulnerable to tampering

It is easy to get started with DFW Security. Our experts can help you design the perfect system for your property and budget, or simply start monitoring your existing home security system. Call (855) 840-1295 or click the Get Started button below.

Landline vs. Internet  vs. Cellular Monitoring

With all the different types of phone service available today, it seems prudent to compare the 3 main ways to monitor an alarm system. The original tried-and-true method is landline monitoring. At DFW Security, landline monitoring is available for just $12.95 per month. We call it “Basic” alarm monitoring. A standard telephone line connects the home security system to the central station for dispatching. When an alarm occurs, the system seizes the phone line and uses it to send a signal to the monitoring station. Our operators then call you (often on that same phone line) to verify if the alarm is true or false. Although the landline could seem like the most reliable option, it can actually be a bit flawed. First, many people don’t have home phones anymore, so landline monitoring isn’t even an option. Also, a phone line can easily be cut by an intruder outside the house, preventing an alarm signal from being transmitted. Finally, because the home phone line is used to send alarm signals, it may not be available for other calls like 911 or calls from the monitoring center to verify the alarm. Overall, landline monitoring is a budget-friendly first step to protecting your home and family. It is definitely better than nothing, but certainly not the best.

Basic Alarm MonitoringInternet monitoring is another form of wireless alarm monitoring Fort Worth. Although we don’t provide internet monitoring at DFW Security, it is important to discuss. Because most homeowners now have internet service at their homes, it seems a logical step to utilize that service for alarm monitoring. Unfortunately, internet service is not reliable, with frequent outages, speed changes, security issues and downtime. Because home security is so important, we only want to trust the most secure options for alarm monitoring.

When we use the term “wireless alarm monitoring Fort Worth”, we mean cellular monitoring. A dedicated cellular transmitter, also called a GSM radio, is attached to your home security system. The transmitter uses the same cellular networks (AT&T, Verizon, etc.), as a cellular telephone, but it is NOT a mobile phone, nor does it have anything to do with your cell phone. Alarm data requires much less signal strength than a voice call, so even if cell service is weak in your area, the wireless unit should work. Our technicians are able to locate the best network and signal for your specific location to ensure a strong connection. In addition, the wireless units are able to automatically switch to different cell towers as needed if one goes down. Because no phone line is used, it cannot be cut by a crafty burglar. Smart security systems use even more advanced technology to prevent tampering and ensure faster police response in any situation.

DFW Security’s wireless alarm monitoring Fort Worth central station is 5-Diamond rated by the C.S.A.A., the highest ranking available. Although our prices are low, our quality is high. Whichever monitoring you determine is right for you, let us be your home security company.


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