Wireless Alarm Monitoring

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The most secure and reliable form of alarm monitoring
Save money by eliminating your home phone line
Works even if your phone line is cut, a cell tower goes down, or internet service is interrupted
Choose Smart Security with built-in wireless monitoring, or add an Uplink to your existing alarm system


No Home Phone Needed

With more and more homeowners moving away from a traditional home phone line, wireless alarm monitoring offers a smart alternative for protecting your home or small business that is both secure and reliable. If you do not have a home phone, our special cellular transmitter allows your home security system to communicate with the central monitoring station seamlessly. If you do have a home phone, wireless alarm monitoring ensures alarm transmission even if your home phone line is cut or disabled.

DFW Security recommends using either the Uplink Cellular Communicator on your existing alarm system or the GSM communicator that is built-in to our Smart Security system to monitor your home in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.

Superior Protection

Landline monitoring used to be the most reliable way to protect your home. Not anymore. Now wireless alarm monitoring is the most secure, thanks to modern technology and consistent innovation in the alarm industry. 

Wireless monitoring works almost anywhere in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Even if cellular phone service at your property is weak, data transmissions require much less signal strength than voice calls. Our expert installers will select the best network provider at your home or business to ensure a strong connection. An alarm system with cellular monitoring can utilize multiple cell towers and switch as necessary without technician intervention. Our wireless communicator is dedicated to the security system alone, has its own power supply, and isn’t dependent on internet service

Internet phones or Voice Over IP (VOIP) are becoming increasingly popular in Dallas Fort Worth. Unfortunately, they are generally not reliable, with frequent interruptions in service. Because DFW Security cares about your safety, we do not monitor alarms using VOIP. Instead, we recommend using the Uplink unit or the built-in GSM communicator in our Smart Security package to monitor your home or small business security system.

Basic vs. Smart Wireless Alarm Monitoring

For existing alarm systems, we can install an Uplink Cellular or GSM Communicator that will allow your security system to be monitored by our C.S.A.A. 5-Diamond rated central alarm station wirelessly. We call this “Basic” wireless alarm monitoring, with a monthly rate as low as $16.95 per month.Wireless Alarm Monitoring

Countless other home security companies in Dallas Fort Worth offer basic wireless alarm monitoring (it is usually more expensive), but many use a less reliable cellular unit, or the base Uplink unit that does not transmit full zone information. For existing and/or basic systems, DFW Security installs the more advanced Uplink unit that tells our monitoring center exactly which zone or device triggered your alarm.

For “Smart” security systems, a cellular communicator is built-in to the alarm panel, and securely transmits even more information – like when doors open and close – even when the alarm system isn’t armed. Smart security is a comprehensive solution for home management and security. Best of all, our smart security costs only a little bit more than basic security. Learn more about the differences between basic and smart security on our Home Security page, or call an expert at (855) 840-1295.

Budget Friendly

There is no need to empty your bank account for quality wireless alarm monitoring. For existing or new basic security systems, wireless monitoring is just $16.95 per month. Wireless alarm monitoring is included with new Smart Security Systems at no additional charge.

If you would like to add an Uplink Cellular Communicator to your existing alarm system, or if you need a new security system with wireless monitoring, call us to get started.